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Sketches Show How Canon's Designer Dared to Create an Almost-Square Camera

It's a rare day when a company as big as Canon invites us into its design studio (well, sends us a bunch of amazing sketches and renders), showing the design process behind one of its most radical designs to date. Though you may disagree with me that making the PowerShot N higher and narrower actually constitutes as being "radical," the thinking displayed by Canon's Product Designer Miyabi Orihashi certainly breaks from the norm. Read More >>

Canon PowerShot N: The Future of Tiny Cameras Is Eco-Friendly Touchscreen Squares?

The new Canon Powershot N includes a lot of the features that Canon (and other companies) have been adding to tiny point-and-shoots over the years, like Wi-Fi connectivity and touchscreen controls. What makes it new and refreshing—at least aesthetically—is the new design, which is more square. It's noticeably different, but does that make it better? Read More >>


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