Has O2 Bitten Off More Than It Can Chew With 4G In the UK?

Now that Ofcom's finally managed to get TV to clear off the band allocated for 4G across the whole of the UK, O2's fired-up and ready to go with its own 800MHz-powered 4G network. But what impact will it have on existing customers, and is O2's limited chunk of spectrum really enough to support a fast LTE network like EE's? Read More >>

New Electric Car Battery Could Double Capacity and Halve Cost

Well, this is an exciting bit of news for green drivers. Envia Systems has come up with a new battery technology that could give a £20,000 electric car a range of 300 miles to a charge. Yes, please? Read More >>

Hitachi's 4TB Hard Drive Arrives, Four Years After Announcement

You have to like a company that follows through. Four years ago Hitachi said we'd have 4TB hard drives by 2011. And it's just about scraped that deadline (in the US) with its Deskstar 5K4000. Read More >>


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