Google Street View Accidentally Made an Algorithm That Cracks CAPTCHAs

House numbers on Google Street View can turn up as blobby, blurry things, so its engineers built a pretty crazy neural network to decipher them. Except this algorithm also turns out to be very very good at deciphering other blobby, blurry texts—like CAPTCHAs, which it cracks with 99 per cent accuracy. Read More >>

Playable Captchas are the Future of Logins and Internet Ads

A new way of verifying you're a real person and not a spam machine might eliminate the chore of typing phrases like "beetle sausage" and so on, with a start-up looking to gamify the art of verifying you're a human. Read More >>

Ticketmaster Is Dumping Awful Captchas

Captcha is the worst, and Tickmaster's particular strain of the virus is especially, well, impossible. It's changing that, though, to a system that will hopefully be more friendly to actual people trying to use it. Read More >>

Prove You're a Human By Telling This Captcha You Have the Right Feelings

Everybody wants a better Captcha. Trying to type in those distorted words can be a serious pain, and it's becoming less and less of an impedance to ever-more-intelligent spam bots. The Civil Rights Captcha takes a different approach; you've got to have a little empathy. Read More >>

Google Finally Puts Captchas to Good Use

Captchas are the Internet's speed bump. They perform little function beyond slowing users down — not bots, mind you, just people. But now Google's found a way to employ the oddly-fonted phrases for a different kind of verification. Read More >>

Boffins Are on the Brink of Breaking Captcha Codes

Captcha systems, those psychedelic-font phrases designed to weed out bots from users, are a staple website security. And, thanks to Stanford Researchers, they may quickly become completely useless. Read More >>

How Come All Captchas Don't Just Work Like This?

Is it just me or have Captchas gotten insanely freaking impossible these days? I mean, I can't even make out if I'm supposed to type in a letter, a number or a hieroglyphic. Annoying! We need a new Captcha method. What about drawing a shape? Read More >>


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