Caption This Image of Google's Latest Product

Spotted in the wild: from the same minds that brought you Google Wave and Google Now, the latest crazy plan. Privacy nuts, you've been worried about Google getting inside your head; what you should really be worrying about Google tracking your every shit. Read More >>

Caption This Dumb Picture of RIM's CEO Taking a Picture with a BlackBerry 10 Phone at a Basketball Game

BlackBerry 10 is probably going to come out one day in the future, in the same way that an asteroid the size of Canada will probably hit and destroy Earth one day in the future. But regardless, some way to drum up interest is to... leak pictures of your own CEO using a pre-production BlackBerry 10 smartphone at a basketball game? I guess. Read More >>

Caption This: Bootleg Chinese Apple Store is a Bit, Er, Naughty

Over in China, a very strange knock-off Apple store has emblazoned our esteemed logos doing the, um, nasty as the logo for the shop. Not the most conventional way to brand your shop, but each to their own. Either way, I throw this over to you, our esteemed readers, to give us a caption. We might throw you a brownie or an e-hug for the best one. [MicGadget, Thanks, Darrell!] Read More >>

What the Hell Is Going on in This Wonderful Animated GIf?

There are plenty of ways to train for the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. This is not one of them. Read More >>


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