This Could Be the Biggest Amazon Package Ever

Amazon is well-known for its habit of delivering small items in gigantic packages. But this parcel has to be perhaps the biggest that Bezos & Co. have ever had to ship. Read More >>

Google is Taking Android to the Car With Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai

Google has just announced that it's joining forces with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to create the Open Automotive Alliance. In other words, it's planning to take Android to the automobile. Read More >>

This Amazing Life-Size, Air-Powered Lego Car Hits 20mph

What happens if you take 500,000 pieces of Lego and 256 pistons, then hand them over to Australians Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida? This fully functioning, life-size, air-powered Lego car is what. Read More >>

The 10 Sexiest Concept Cars Ever

One of the bizarre things about automotive R&D is that companies burn a huge amount of time and money designing things that never get built. I speak, of course, of concept cars: stunningly beautiful machines dripping with sex appeal and infeasibly dramatic angles that never get built. Here are 10 of the all-time greats. Read More >>

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Amazing Video of a Crane Lifting a Car Using Two Phonebooks

You probably knew that it's impossible to pull apart two phonebooks put together with interleaving pages. But did you know that the bond—caused by the mechanical friction of the interleaving pages—is so strong that it can lift an entire car? This video demonstrates exactly that. The best part, however, may be to watch the car fall when they burn the phonebooks. Read More >>

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Nokia Lumia 920 Versus a Car

Drop tests? Pah, who simply drops their phone these days? I mean, the number of times I've run over my phone with my car, but no one tests for that, right? Having survived loads of other tests, some guy intent on destroying his Lumia 920, took it to 'the next level'. Phone versus car; who will win? Read More >>

The Font on Your Car's Dash Might Increase Your Risk of Crashing

Drivers beware: new research from MIT's Age Lab suggests that a badly chosen typeface for your dashboard can worsen distraction and increase your chance of crashing. Read More >>

It Seems that Cars Can Explode In Real Life Just Like In the Movies

Usually, cars don't explode in a huge ball of fire, as Michael Bay wants you to believe. Unless you are at the Kashira highway in Moscow, Russia, just like these guys. Read More >>

This Is What Happens When Your Car GPS Blows Up

What happens when you leave your GPS in the car under a blazing sun and its batteries are not in the best of conditions? Well, it may explode and burn—like this one in the photo—melting your dashboard. Read More >>

Scientist Uses Physics to Escape a Traffic Fine

When encountering a tricky problem, it always pays to play to your strengths. Like a scientist from the University of California who was issued with a $400 (£250) traffic ticket for failing to completely stop at a stop sign. His response? A four-page paper describing how the ticket defied the laws of physics. Read More >>

Google Expands Its Autonomous Fleet With Hybrid Lexus RX450h

Google has added another family member to its autonomous vehicle program, and an eagle-eyed reader in Southern California caught the Big G's Lexus RX450h out and about during testing. Read More >>

A Police Car Pursuing a Bicycle at 60MPH Must Be the Most Absurd Chase In History

This Czech bicycle rider must have balls of steel or a lot of crimes to answer for. Otherwise I just couldn't understand why is he racing down a highway at 60mph with a police car chasing him. Read More >>

The World's Least Practical Flying Car Takes Flight

Flying cars are the Jetsons dream that never came true. But wait, some Dutch dudes have cobbled together a weird-ass helicar contraption that combines all the worst, most impractical elements of car and helicopter into one amazingly expensive prototype! Thank goodness. Read More >>

This Remote Controlled Car Can Jump 9 Metres In the Air

There is a new version of Sand Flea, the amazing 5kg radio-controlled car beast that can race and jump over buildings. Read More >>

An Inflatable Cowboy-and-Horse Costume Is Your Perfect-Outfit-For-a-Jog Deal of the Day

Today’s top offer isn’t a piece of white-hot, state-of-the-art technology but it’s guaranteed to turn heads just as much as the new iPad or one of those portable 3D TVs on wheels that you can attach to your waist and watch as you walk. Read More >>

Can't Afford a Real Classic American Muscle Car? Print One Out Instead

That’s what one man who was forced to flog his prized possession, a classic 1969 Ford Mustang, for a diamond engagement ring, thought. He rebuilt the car entirely out of printed-paper and PVA glue, just like a massive 3D jigsaw. Read More >>


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