Beware This Simple But Incredibly Effective Credit Card Point-of-Sale Skimmer

Card skimmers are getting way more common, to the point that they've even started appearing on point-of-sale card machines. And, boy, if this thing is anything to go by, they're getting better and better.
Krebs on Security has come across a "remarkably simple but brilliant POS skimming device" that crooks can install and remove in seconds. The video above, produced by a fraudster who sells the devices, shows his kit being retrofitted to a late-model Verifone point-of-sale device. The whole video lasts 25 seconds. Read More >>

These Are the Apple Factory Worker's 13 Commandments

A guy found this mystery card inside his new MacBook Pro box. The card, written in Cantonese, belongs to the factory worker who packed the laptop, and after being translated, we now know it contains the 13 Commandments of Foxconn. Here's what it means: Read More >>

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 690 Is Its Face-Meltingest Video Card Yet

Be still, my spec-hungry heart. Nvidia's latest and greatest is a monster in a beautiful body. Dual-GPUs, 28nm Kepler architecture, 3,072 CUDA parallel processing cores, ARRGH ARRGH ARRRRRGH! This beast basically doubles the performance of the already awesome GTX 680. Read More >>

A 7p ASDA Valentine's Day Card Shows Just How Much You Love Them

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (it’s the 14th of February for those that need reminding), but we’re on the peak of a double-dip recession. So what’s a fellow to do when he’s skint, but absolutely must follow the crummy traditions of a Hallmark Holiday? How about a 7p Valentine’s Day card? That’s sure to do the trick. Read More >>


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