There are More Ways to Arrange a Deck of Cards Than Atoms on Earth

When you're shuffling a deck of cards, you're trying your best to ensure everything gets as mixed up as possible. But it turns out you might not have to try so hard. In this wonderful TedEd animation, Yannay Khaikin outlines the staggering number of ways a deck of 52 cards can be arranged. Read More >>

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Real Life Version of X-Men's Gambit Blows Things up by Throwing Playing Cards

Growing up, I never wanted Cyclops' optic blast or Wolverine's adamantium claws or Magneto's power over magnetic fields, I wanted to throw cards like Gambit. I don't know if that makes me an unimaginative little kid who only dreamt about realistic powers but I do know I spent many summer days throwing cards at everything. Sadly, I never grew up to be like Gambit. This guy, comedian Javier Jarquin, did though. Watch him throw playing cards with incredible accuracy and enough strength to break glass. Read More >>

10 Playing Card Decks That Are Too Pretty For Your Poker Table

For graphic designers, playing cards are a playground: The simple constraints of four suits and thirteen different cards accommodate massses of creativity without overcomplicating things. And there's an amazing number of interesting decks out there. Read More >>

The Perfect Valentine's Day Card for Our Times

You haven't made Valentine's Day plans yet. That's okay! Who needs 'em? Manufactured holiday, singlehood empowerment, overpriced prix fixe menus. But if you must make a romantic gesture next month, let it be this card. It sums up modern relationships pretty much perfectly. Read More >>

Sweden's Homeless Now Accepting Mobile Payments for Local Big Issue Sales

Some homeless folk in Stockholm selling the city's equivalent of the Big Issue are now wired up to accept mobile payments, thanks to a deal to provide them with smartphones and card reader dongles to take money from cashless modern commuters. Read More >>

High Roller Takes Casino For £22 Million With Security Camera Hijack

Australia's biggest casino was taken for £22 million, when its own security cameras were used against it by a high-roller who managed to hijack the surveillance systems. Read More >>

Natwest and RBS Were Apparently Borked Yet Again Last Night

I'm not sure why, but Natwest and RBS aren't exactly doing a stand-up job of, well, standing up. Both banks had their cards, cash machines, online, and phone banking go tits-up last night. Apparently loads of people had their cards swallowed by ATMs and everything, but did you even notice? Read More >>

Here Are the Business Cards of Famous People

Even though business cards seemed like they would be one of the first things to get killed by some fancy techwiznology, they've managed to survive even though the use of dead paper is dying. Everybody has business cards—even the super rich and super famous. Here are a few business cards from people you definitely already know. Read More >>

The Company Suing the Oatmeal Responds

Well, this is getting a little confusing. Oatmeal Studios, who's suing the Oatmeal we know and love, has responded. It says it's drawn up the lawsuit to protect its name, and to defend against one of the world's largest greeting card companies. The Oatmeal's just got caught in the crossfire. Read More >>

iZettle Launches £20 Mobile Credit Card Reader in the UK

If you run a little business and would like to start taking payments by card, iZettle is by far the cheapest, easiest and newest way to do so. For £20 you get a card reader that attaches to an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile, then away you go. It'll be just like working in Tesco. Read More >>

The Geekiest Game on the Planet Is CPU Top Trumps

We previously pointed out this superb computer-themed card game called CPU Wars on Kickstarter. Unlike many of the doomed projects on that website, it's now a real product that you can buy. And, boy, do you need to buy it. Read More >>

Just Add Booze To This Origami-fied Birthday Card Shot Glass

In what is truly a stroke of pure genius, this simple birthday card will turn the last minute bottle of hooch you picked up at the corner store into the most thoughtful birthday gift you can give someone. Read More >>

A Toy That Turns Your Playing Cards Into a TIE Fighter

E&M labs, which raised over £62,000 on Kickstarter last year for their Trebuchette, has built a new toy: Skallops. They're wooden clips that transform a regular deck of cards into a set of building blocks. Read More >>

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I Just Made a Stupid Card with Apple's Stupid Card App and It Wasn't That Stupid

We can't believe Apple bothered to develop a Cards app for the iPhone but hey, there are old people who still love to send and receive cards and young people who've forgotten what cards even are, and they both use the iPhone. It's out in the app store now so I just sent myself a card. I'm sort of excited? Read More >>


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