Carrier IQ: We're Not Working with the FBI

Yesterday, we told you about a ominous denial from the FBI regarding its involvement with Carrier IQ. Today, Carrier IQ spoke to us on the matter. Read More >>

Carrier IQ Explains What It Does with Your Data

While the FBI has so far blocked FOIA attempts regarding its involvement in the Carrier IQ scandal in the US, the embattled firm has released an expansive report detailing its data collection process and responds directly the allegations against it. Read More >>

Carrier IQ Could Breach the UK's Data Protection Act

The fuss over Carrier IQ and its vast potential for misuse has hit the UK, with the Information Commissioner’s Office drawn into the debate over the currently controversial mobile phone logging software. Read More >>

Carrier IQ, HTC, and Samsung Sued for Millions in the US Over Tracking

We knew lawsuits would arise over Carrier IQ. Just a day after the Senate launched an investigation into the debacle, Carrier IQ, Samsung and HTC have been nailed with class action lawsuits that could cost them hundreds of millions of pounds. Read More >>

How to Check If You Have Carrier IQ, Without Rooting Your Android Handset

Yesterday we explained how to check for Carrier IQ if you have a rooted Android handset. But people have been busy: now you can download an app from the Android Market to check if you're clean. Read More >>

Carrier IQ Speaks! And of Course It Denies All Wrongdoing

It hasn't been a good week for Carrier IQ. First a damning video apparently illustrating the extent of what information the program collects surfaces, then everything goes to shit. Now, the company is facing a US Senate investigation for potentially millions of violations of privacy laws in the US alone. And this is the response? Read More >>

UK Networks Insist Carrier IQ Not Used In Britain

With the privacy snafu that is Carrier IQ raging over in the States, some of our networks have come out and said that they specifically don't use the snooping service. But of course that doesn't mean it's not installed on your phone, tracking your every keystroke, sifting through your data, and lifting your Playboy Online credentials. Read More >>

What Is Carrier IQ?

Holy data privacy scandal! Over the last week the news that Carrier IQ has been tracking millions of smartphone users without their knowledge has ballooned into a full-blown clusternut. Carrier IQ, huh? Sounds nefarious. But what exactly does it do? And why should you care? Read More >>

Apple Ditched Carrier IQ with iOS 5

Apple's weighed in on the Carrier IQ poo-storm, and says it's basically washed its hands of the controversial rootkit with iOS 5. Post-iOS 3 software had been found to have references to Carrier IQ, but Apple says it's going to completely wipe out whatever's left in a future update. Read More >>

These Are the Phones We're Pretty Sure Don't Have Carrier IQ

While we're still not sure if Carrier IQ affects anyone outside of the US, we do know that a lot more phones than originally thought are infected with Carrier IQ, the nothing-you-can-do-about-it rootkit that has all the tinfoil hat people crowing. But not all! Here's a list of the phones that have had hard denials from their manufacturer or network, or have been found to be clean. Read More >>

Yes, Your iPhone Can Track You With CarrierIQ, Too

All hell broke loose yesterday when it was discovered that a lot Android and BlackBerry phones (in the US, at least) are recording every keystroke you make. References to the same software have been discovered in Apple's iOS. It's gimped, but it's there. Read More >>

Your Phone Is Secretly Recording Everything You Do

If you have any decently-modern phone, everything you do is being recorded by hidden software lurking inside. It even circumvents web encryption and grabs everything -- including your passwords and Google queries. Read More >>


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