12 of the Best Cases to Guard Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Along with one of the biggest phone releases this year, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the usual flurry of cases are also being announced to defend your new pocket pal. With a more solid design than its predecessor and the inclusion of a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP67, there is no question that the S5 is a durable phone -- but will that stop an errant key or coin creating what might-as-well-be the Grand Canyon on the back of your phone? Read More >>

HTC One M8 Dot View Case Hands-On: A Trypophobic's Nightmare

I've got a friend that suffers from trypophobia, or the fear of small holes. Whereas some are scared of clowns or the dark, I've seen her crack at a crumpet. God only knows then how she'd handle HTC's new hole-ridden Dot View case, launching alongside the HTC One M8 today. Read More >>

Android Smartphones Can Finally Get Predator Vision as Well

Earlier in the year, FLIR got us all hot and bothered by revealing a thermal vision smartphone case that could actually see our excitement. Unfortunately it's only for iPhone users, and won't be available until the early summer. But Android fans will have the last laugh with their own thermal imaging add-on—the Therm-App—that's already available (sorta). Read More >>

Idiot Child's Facebook Boast Costs Dad £50k Settlement

A US teen blabbed about her dad's financial win after a lengthy legal settlement, only to cost poor dad the money by breaking a confidentiality clause. By bragging "Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT" on Facebook, the teen's ex-headmaster dad lost his age discrimination payout with Gulliver school. Whoops. [Miami Herald via Metro] Read More >>

InkCase Adds a Yota-Like Second E-Ink Screen to Your Smartphone

Do you like the Yota Phone's secondary e-ink display, but are not keen on the phone itself? No problem -- Singapore-based Oaxis want to put an e-Ink display on the back of every phone, with its InkCase. Read More >>

In Association With SONY
Use Your iPhone to Send Smoke Signals Even When There's No Service

If you're tired of iMessage failures, spotty coverage from your network, and sickeningly cute emoticons, here's a clever iPhone case that will revolutionise how you chat with your friends—using technology that's been around for hundreds of years. Read More >>

This Touch-Sensitive iPhone Case Lets You Answer Calls While Closed

A flip-style case will protect all the parts of your expensive smartphone but at the cost of making you a little slower on the draw when it comes to answering a call. So to solve this 'problem' Moshi has created the SenseCover case which features a touch-sensitive strip on the outside letting you swipe to answer a call without having to open the cover. Read More >>

This Anvil Case for Your iPhone Just Needs Casters and Band Stickers

Go backstage at any rock gig in the world and you're going to find loads of anonymous-looking black boxes holding all of the equipment that bands travel with. Now you can get that legendary protection for your phone. Read More >>

FLIR Just Turned Your iPhone 5 Into a Predator-Like Thermal Camera

When you're digging for CES gold, you can usually ignore about 99.99 per cent of the iPhone accessories announced at the show. But in that last 0.01 per cent is where you can find some real treasures. This year FLIR has managed to shrink the same thermal imaging technology it sells to law enforcement and the military so that it fits inside an iPhone 5 case—letting us civilians share in the fun too. Read More >>

Your iPhone's Flash Keeps These Festive Cases Sparkling

What kind of Christmas miracle is this? The miracle of science, of course. Using the same principles as fibre optic tables, these clear plastic cases from VanD harness the light from your iPhone's flash to internally illuminate, revealing etched patterns and designs. Read More >>

The Perfect Toiletry Bag For Those Morally Opposed to Organisation

Organisation is almost an art form—and let's face it—not everyone's an artist. If your suitcase and toiletry bag tend to slowly (or quickly) devolve into a homogenous nest of clothing and travel accoutrements, you'll appreciate what the Lay-n-Go has to offer. Specifically: an easy way to keep your toiletries separate without having to reorganise them when it's time to go. Read More >>

Honda Made the World's First Smartphone Case With an Emergency Airbag

As long as you're cool with a little extra bulk on your device, it looks like Honda has created a smartphone case like the one Jeff Bezoz was dreaming of. It virtually guarantees your device will survive any fall—and possibly even a head-on collision with a truck. Overkill? Not when you have to wait two more years to get a subsidised replacement because of your contract. [YouTube via Autoblog] Read More >>

12 of the Best Nexus 7 Cases to Protect Your Mini Android Tablet

We loved the first 7-inch Nexus tablet, and the second iteration improved on that already-winning formula, as you can read in our review. There are plenty of cases on the market for the 2013 Nexus 7 so I've rounded up twelve, yes twelve! of the finest cases. Read More >>

You Have to Really Love Batman to Use This Absurd iPhone Tumbler Case

Most smartphone cases strive to provide as much protection for your device as possible without adding too much bulk or extra weight. But that's not the approach Bandai has taken with this monstrosity. Squarely targeted at die hard Batman fans, this case is a perfect replica of the Tumbler Batmobile featured in Christopher Nolan's films, but designed to protect your iPhone, not the Dark Knight. Read More >>

Unfold This Briefcase and Keep Fellow Flyers From Watching You Work

The laptop has made it possible for us to work almost anywhere on earth; from the cramped quarters of a plane seat, to a relaxing beach. But away from the privacy of your office, you often want to keep prying eyes off your screen, which is why this No. 1 leather laptop bag from La Fonction is so brilliant. It transforms into a tiny mobile cubicle, letting you work with adequate privacy no matter where you set up your temporary office. Read More >>

10 of the Best Nexus 5 Cases to Protect Your Bargain of the Century

So the Nexus 5 has finally been released, and now it's time to accessorise it like a five-year-old's Barbie. The Nexus might not have fancy clothes like the iPhone 5 but there's no reason Android owners can't have fun as well. If you go through phones faster than you go through toothbrushes maybe it's time to invest in a case. Here are the best cases currently available for your new pride and joy. Read More >>


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