Cassette Tape Bookmarks Adorably Pair Two Dead Forms of Media

Like a buddy movie where two retired cops stuck in their ways have to return to active duty, these adorable bookmarks—designed to look like miniature unwound cassette tapes—work alongside printed books to help you remember what page you were last reading. Read More >>

Sony's Putting Its Handheld Cassette Recorders In That Old Junk Drawer In the Sky

It's the end of an era. Or more accurately, it's effectively been the end of an era for a while and this is another part of it. In early 2013, Sony will stop producing its three remaining models of handheld cassette recorders, meaning first the Walkman and now its cousins are on their final march to death. Read More >>

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Watch This Army Of Cassette Tape Players Sing a Song of Days Gone By

Remember cassette tape players? Unlike the mp3 players so prevalent today, they didn't just play music; they made some white noise too. This art installation called Binatone Galaxy by Stephen Cornford takes advantage of that fact to create a neat but eerie soundscape that's totally living in the past. So take a little trip back to the days of the Walkmen and be thankful you don't have to tape songs off the radio anymore. [Co.Design] Read More >>


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