There's More to This Image of Saturn Than Meets the Eye

Although it might look like a lot of the other images you've seen of Saturn, there's far more to this picture than meets the eye. Read More >>

The Most Beautiful Photo of Saturn You've Ever Seen

The first time you see this latest picture of Saturn, you'll probably think it's fake. The rings are too perfectly round. The swirling surface of the planet is too smooth. The shadows are too sharp. But it's all real, thanks to the Cassini spacecraft and a Croatian software developer with too much time on his hands.
The image you see below is a brilliant, high definition composite of images that Cassini took when it flew by Saturn on October 10. The 36 shots amounted to 12 taken with a green filter, 12 with blue and 12 with red to approximate true colour. It does better than approximate. In the days that followed, Gordan Ugarkovic, the aforementioned Croatian software developer, pieced the 36 images into one massive 4000 x 3200 pixel mosaic, and since he's tinkered with space images before, Ugarkovic does a great job smoothing out the seams: Read More >>

Scientists Just Discovered a Key Plastic Ingredient - In Space

NASA's Cassini spacecraft just detected propylene on Saturn's moon Titan. You might recognize the name of the chemical as part of polypropylene, the material that the food storage containers in your cupboard are probably made of. It's the first time that the plastic ingredient has ever been observed anywhere other than Earth. Read More >>

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An Image of Earth Made From 1400 Photos of People Waving at Space

The image above is assembled from 1400 people waving at the Cassini spacecraft, which has been in orbit around Saturn since 2004. On July 19th, the orbiter turned back and snapped a photo of the home planet it would never see again. NASA thought it was only fair that we wave back. (See the full image below) Read More >>

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From Deep Space, Our Pale Blue Dot Is Just This Tiny Speck

When you look up at the sky, on a clear dark night, you're sometimes lucky enough to catch glimpses of other planets. They seem small, insignificant, surreal. Guess what? That's exactly how we look to them. Here's our pale blue dot, from Saturn. You might have to squint. Read More >>

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Saturn's Harrowing Hurricane Is Even More Terrifying in Technicolour

Cassini shot the picture with special spectral filters that can detect the subtleties of wavelengths of near-infrared light. NASA then false-coloured the vortex based on those tiny changes, invisible to the human eye. The result is this stunner, where the deep reds represent lower clouds, and the greens are ones that sit a bit higher. Read More >>

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This Is the Biggest River Anywhere Outside Earth

This image, snapped by Cassini as it passed over Saturn's moon Titan, shows the biggest liquid system ever found on any world other than Earth. Read More >>


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