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Watch Five Cat Excavators Play the World's Biggest Game of Jenga

Twenty-seven wooden blocks weighing 272 kilos each? That's no regular game of Jenga—that's a job for a team of five giant, yet agile, Cat excavators and telehandlers to take on. Just some machines having fun. Read More >>

Hacker Channels Men In Black; Straps Virus Information to Feral Cat's Collar

Scavenger hunt-loving hacker, Yusuke Katayama was arrested today after months on the run. Disgruntled for some reason, he sent viral death threats, and while evading Japanese police, he mentioned that information about his virus was strapped to a cat roaming Tokyo. Months later the cat was found, leading to his arrest. Read More >>

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Is This Impossibly Cute Cat Real?

I watched this amazingly cute cat doing amazingly cute things, but part of me thinks it might not be real. I mean, it looks real, but it's so perfectly cute that it must be computer generated. You know, like Puss in Boots! Read More >>


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