This 200-Year-Old Mechanical Caterpillar Does Everything But Turn Into a Butterfly

Robots are so commonplace now that we use them to entertain kids at amusement parks. But even though modern technology has given us artificial lifeforms that can walk, talk, and even fly, there's still something utterly fascinating about pre-electronic mechanical automatons like this Vers de Soie caterpillar dating back to 1820. Read More >>

There Is a Poisonous Alien Caterpillar Threatening to Invade the London Olympics. Seriously.

The Oak Processionary Moth is a nasty little beast. It's native to Europe, but didn't show up in the United Kingdom until 2006, when a few eggs hitched a ride on oak trees transplanted to London. Since then, it's been causing environmental chaos. Now it's threatening to seriously screw up the Summer Olympics. Read More >>


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