Sochi Official: Our Shower Surveillance Footage Says Hotels are Fine

By now, you've surely heard the horror stories about how the Sochi Olympic village is a hellscape of stray dogs, weird toilets, and unfinished accommodations. Well, according to a Russian official, everything's cool! And he has the surreptitious surveillance footage to prove it. Read More >>

Spanish Artist installs 150 CCTV Cameras on Building

On the side of a building in Madrid, the Spanish artist SpY recently installed 150 CCTV cameras with, in the artist's words, "the intention of not watching over anything." It kind of makes us long for the days when CCTV was the most threatening symbol of the surveillance state. [SpY] Read More >>

Lamborghini Chopped in Half in Bizarre Road Accident

A rich man's £250k Lamborghini Aventador is no more, after what appears to have been a relatively minor road accident led to the car slicing itself in half. Read More >>

Idiot Thief Robs CCTV Company and Is Immediately Caught With CCTV Footage

A life of small-time crime is difficult enough as it is; the pay's not great, the cops are on your case, your conscience flares up. But one particularly dim bulb in Somerset, England made things even harder on himself by robbing a man who installs IT cameras for a living. Whoops! Read More >>

Driver Faked CCTV Footage to Avoid Speeding Fine

Well, that was the idea. Plymouth man Roger Moore was caught speeding in a hire car, but decided that faking CCTV pics of his own car sitting on his drive would prove he'd already collected his car and driven home, and therefore was not the man hammering the hire car. Read More >>

Tons and Tons of Security Cameras Are Wide Open to Hackers

Apparently security cameras are even less secure than we thought. Eighteen popular brands of cameras have been found to have serious flaws in their own security, leaving at least 58,000 unsecured, open-to-basically-anyone security cams out there. Read More >>

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Watch This Man Winning $294 Million Powerball Jackpot

Thanks to CCTV, we can see the reactions of one of the two winners of an American $588 million Powerball jackpot last Wednesday. He looks at the numbers and screams "YES!",  showing it to the store assistants, as if he couldn't believe his luck. Read More >>

Face Scanning Cameras Will Know When You're Drunk

The next generation of CCTV cameras may well be able to automatically spot overly drunk potential troublemakers, thanks to the efforts of a team of Greek researchers. Read More >>

Southampton Now Less of a Military Dictatorship as Taxis Ordered to Stop Spying on Passengers

Southampton City Council has been told to amended its intrusive taxi laws, which required all cabs in the area to use CCTV and audio recording devices to monitor passengers in the back of its cabs. Read More >>

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Watch Your Step -- the Pavement Might Not Be as Solid as You Think

I’ll never take a solid piece of ground for granted again after seeing this poor Chinese girl captured on CCTV falling right through the pavement, totally disappearing into a large invisible sinkhole that had been eroded underneath. Read More >>

Turn Supergrass With Scotland Yard's Facewatch ID Yob Spotting App

Scotland Yard's been publicly shaming London's criminal base on Flickr and the internet for some time, but now it's turned the art of grassing up a thug into a fun interactive experience for iOS users. Read More >>

CCTV Captures a Harry Potter Actor and a Millionaire's Daughter Red-Handed and Partaking In the London Riots

Showing that money doesn’t change a thing when it comes to scumbag criminals, both an actor from Harry Potter and a millionaire’s daughter have allegedly been caught rioting along with the rabble from the London riots last summer by CCTV coppers. Read More >>

Plain-Clothed Copper Chases His Own Tail After CCTV Police Confusion

In a story you just couldn’t make up even if you tried, a junior Sussex police officer sent a plain-clothes copper on a wild goose-chase around town, literally chasing his own shadow for 20 minutes. Read More >>

Camden Council's Robocop CCTV Camera Demands You Comply (Updated)

A furious Camden resident spotted a ridiculous new CCTV camera in the communal area in front of his flat, which plays a recorded message demanding people leave the area or have their photograph taken and "sent for processing." Read More >>


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