The Government Has Seen the Light; Ripping CDs and DVDs is Being Legalised

As it turns out, it is still illegal to rip CDs and DVDs, even if you have no intention of distributing them. Fortunately our government is doing something sensible (you could argue, for a change) and from July backing up physical media will no longer be a crime -- as long as it's for your own personal use. Read More >>

With HMV Re-Opened, Can You Teach An Old Music-Loving Dog New Tricks?

The first record I ever bought was from HMV. It was Weezer’s Green Album, and while I can’t pretend it was the moment that my obsession with music kicked off (I’ll put that down to the literal wall of CDs that acted as structural support for my older brothers’ bedroom), it is a moment that I remember incredibly vividly. And, for the record, its was a great album too. Read More >>

What Is High-Resolution Audio?

This week, Sony unleashed a battery of expensive audio gear that claims to support "high-resolution audio" which, like "ultra high-definition" in the video world, sounds pretty snazzy. But what does high-resolution audio mean? And will HRA really make the music sound better? Read More >>

Here's How to Completely Skirt Amazon's New Delivery Charges

Amazon's decided that free delivery for anything under £10 has to go, apart from media like CDs, Blu-rays and games. What does that mean? Well, your random purchases have suddenly just gotten a whole lot more expensive. Unless, that is, you follow this handy tip. Read More >>

Revisit Your Old CDs With Amazon's AutoRip, Now Live in the UK

Amazon's AutoRip service is now live here, with the retail monster automatically giving buyers digital copies of any physical music they buy -- and backdating it to 1999. If nothing else, it's a good way to see what old CDs you bought 14 years ago. Read More >>

Amazon to Provide CD Buyers With Cloud-Based MP3s For Free (Confirmed)

CNET is reporting that Amazon is planning to launch a reward scheme for CD buyers. When they purchase music in its physical form, they'll also receive a digital copy, which they'll be able to listen to via Amazon's cloud music service. Read More >>

Will We Finally See a 1 TB Optical Disc in 2015?

Compared to a C-ROM's meager 700 MB storage space, and a DVD's 5-ish GB, a Blu-Ray's 25 GB is pretty impressive. All of those are nothing compaired to a whole Terabyte though, and that's what FujiFilm is planning to pack on an optical disc arriving in 2015. Read More >>

Mammoth Outdoor Artwork Brings 100,000 CDs Back to Life

If CD's aren't dead already, they're dying. After all, plenty of devices being made don't even have optical drives any more. So what do we do with all those old discs we've just got lying around? Artist Bruce Munro has been using them to create mammoth, outdated-media art installations. Read More >>

Happy 30th Birthday to the CD, Digital Music's Patient Zero

30 years ago today, a game-changing pair of products were announced: Billy Joel's 52nd Street on Compact Disc, and the Sony CDP-101, the first device to be able to play it. And the age of the CD was born. Read More >>

A Gigantic Skull Made From VHS Tapes and CDs Is a Fitting After Life for Dead Media

I have a gigantic case full of CDs that I have no idea what to do with. Do I toss them out? Do I save them for my kids? I'm sure other people have the same questions with their dead physical media—CDs, video tapes, DVDs, soon to be Blu-Rays—what's going to happen to all of that? Why not turn it into a giant skull like what artist Noah Scalin did? Read More >>

Global Streaming Music Revenue Up 40% in 2012

Maybe the music industry isn't doomed after all, as research points to on-demand services like Spotify and We7 generating up to £696m for the global music industry this year alone, which is a complete rise of 40 per cent. Read More >>

Believe It or Not, a Study Has Found Piracy Boosts Music Sales

Yes, yes, you read that headline right: according to a brand-spanking new study from North Carolina State University, BitTorrent downloads actually boost music album sales. Concluding that there really isn't a whole lot of evidence that downloads negatively hurt sales, the research finds that more piracy equals more sales. Read More >>


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