Legendary Guy Photoshops Celebrities into His Instagram Pictures

It's really wonderful work. The 25-year-old seamlessly splices himself into pictures of the rich and famous. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, they're all friends with Peeje T. He gets creative with his work too, using popular images on the Internet and riffing off of it as best he can. Read More >>

Who Has the Most Fake Twitter Followers?

Did you hear? Nearly half of Justin Bieber's Twitter followers are fake. Fake! Belieber nation is a fraud, life has no meaning, the abyss of treachery and betrayal that is life grows deeper by the hour. Read More >>

Justin Bieber Has the Fakest Twitter Followers

Not to enrage the Bieber Nation or Beliebers or whatever Bieberian name tweens and post-tweens call themselves now, but it looks like a lot of the people who follow him on Twitter are fake. In fact, he has the highest number of fakeout Twitter followers out of the top 10 Twitter accounts. 16.7 million accounts are fake, and a whopping 2.6 million are inactive! Read More >>

Facebook Widens £10 Celebrity Stalking Messaging Fee

Facebook is pushing ahead with the launch of a crazy new paid messaging service in the UK, which sees users charged up to £10 a time to send unsolicited messages to celebrities and other people not already on their friends list. Read More >>

google glass
8 Random Celebrities Who Are Getting Google Glass

When Google started its Glass-giving spree, it picked out some odd picks. It got so bad that some of those offers got pulled. But you can bet these celebrity winners will get their copies. Read More >>

The Most Infamous Sexts of 2012 (NSFW)

Hacked pictures. FBI inbox sweeps. Cameras pointed at mirrors. This year was full of horny, naked Internet. Read More >>

ShadowMe Lets You View Anyone's Twitter Feed From Your iPhone

Stop pretending like you’re not a social media stalker. That person you have a crush on. That head honcho you interviewed with. That celebrity you’re utterly obsessed with. Thanks to ShadowMe, you can now use your iPhone to see what they see on Twitter. It’s similar to what Tweetdeck already does, but, you know, shrunken down. We’ll be adding this one to our arsenal. [iTunes via Cnet] Read More >>

Five of the Best-of-British Sat Nav Voices Going

With in-car sat navs these days, we forget the dangers of rummaging through a ripped and soiled A-to-Z with one hand, while changing lanes with the other. These days Britain's drivers can choose to be guided through life's twists and roundabouts by their favourite celebrities and fictional characters. Read More >>

Real Stock Photography Is Just As Ridiculous As This Parody Video

We see overly specific, overwrought stock photography all the time. Like who ever decides that a picture of 'hot girl in business suit crying because she's trapped under cables' or 'guy in forest eating an ice cream cone while a bear lurks in the background' is necessary? Those pictures (or things like it) totally exist! Hell, this parody video making fun of stock photography is only funny because it could be totally real. Read More >>

Ex-Druggie Russell Brand Calls For Drugs to Become Available Through Chemists

Everyday madman; ex-beau of Katy Perry, and the patron saint of skinny jeans, Russell Brand has stated that he thinks currently-illegal drugs should be "freely available" from your local chemist. A wrap of coke with your Boots-brand of Coke, then? Read More >>

Helen Skelton Quits Twitter Over Torrent of Abuse -- Is This the Start of a Celebrity Mass Exodus?

We heard how Tom Daley got a load of abuse, then other Team GB members, but now we're hearing more and more about the abuse people get on Twitter. Next up is Blue Peter's Helen Skelton, who's also doing some Olympic TV work; she's quit Twitter over some horrendous trolling, while Kirstie Allsopp has a fight on her hands too. Does this mark the beginnings of a celebrity Twitter mass walkout, and will that bring Twitter crashing down? Read More >>

You Probably Have More Twitter Followers Than These Pathetic Celebrities

Remember Zachary Ty Bryan, from Home Improvement? Probably not, which is why he has 486 Twitter followers, despite formerly being a teen heart throb and TV star. Turns out, lots of 90s celebs are now sad on Twitter. Read More >>

watch this
Watch More Celebrities Read the Mean Tweets People Send Them

For famous people, Twitter is a medium where they can pretend like they're 'connecting' with their fans while actually shilling products for cash monies, retweeting how great they are and... receiving hate tweets from anonymous Twitter snipers. So here's a bunch of celebrities reading the hate tweets they receive on Jimmy Kimmel. Read More >>

Childless Couple Turns to Twitter to Spread Story of Struggle to Adopt

Rick and Erica Jones have been trying to adopt a baby for the past three years. Unfortunately for the Michigan couple, their adoption agency (Morningstar Adoption Center) doesn't have the means to market their clients — nor do the Jones's have the enough money to pay for the services of a larger, more successful adoption agency. Read More >>

A List of Celebrities Who Don't Own a TV

PaperMag compiled a nice little list of celebrities who like to say (or humblebrag) how they don't own a TV. Which really translates to, "haha you suckers watch me on TV and give me millions and I don't even own a TV and I have beautiful cheekbones". Read More >>

9 Ridiculous People You Should Be Following on Instagram

Instagram is now the consummate way of sharing our mundane lives—one billion of Facebook's dollars agree! But there's a vast menu of famous, beautiful, rich, and insane people out there Instagramming too. Here's the best of the best. Read More >>


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