The Biggest Celebrity Shill Failures in History

Today, Alicia Keys's highly successful year as BlackBerry's 'Creative Director' will fizzle to a disappointing end, only 12 months since she was announced alongside the equally-successful Z10 handset, and about 11 months since she was busted using an iPhone. In tribute to this momentous occasion, we lovingly submit this list of the worst-bombed celebrity schills in history. Read More >>

A Man's 'Perfect Woman' is an Airbrushed Sex Doll, Luckily Enough

A cosmetics company has tried to get itself in the headlines just in time for the critical last-minute beauty product buying period, by creating an image of what it calls the perfect woman. This dead-eyed blonde mannequin is what men like best, so they say. Read More >>

Whatever You Do, Just Don't Search Google For Emma Watson, OK?

Emma Watson, or Hermione Granger to most, is apparently the most dangerous celebrity to search for. I can see why, what with her practically 12-year-old first appearances on the silver screen -- it's basically jailbait. But no, apparently she's lethal because hackers just love her, almost as much as you do. Read More >>

Prince Harry Getting Snapped In the Buff Shows Celebrities Never Learn

Oh deary me. It seems Prince Harry's been enjoying himself just a little too much. So much so, he's been caught on camera in a couple of rather compromising situations. Yet another set of nudy pics surfaces, showing us that where there's a smartphone there's a naked celebrity ready to get snapped. Read More >>

Police Chief: Celebrity Abuse Is Twitter's Problem, Not the Law's

Re-enforcing what quite a lot of people have been saying, a police chief from Cumbria has said that, no, we don't need new laws to tackle trolls and that more "common sense" is needed, as well as action from Twitter itself. Basically, it's Twitter's problem. Read More >>

How One Man Hacked Hollywood

Pictures hacked from Hollywood stars' email accounts and phones seem to be a mainstay of popular culture these days. Chris Chaney, one of the most prolific celebrity hackers to date, was recently arrested—but GQ has a wonderful profile of the man which you really have to read. Read More >>


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