Scientists Create Brain Cells Destroyed By Parkinson's, Out of Skin

Parkinson's is a horrible degenerative disorder of the central nervous system which is sadly incurable. But now a team of scientists from Johns Hopkins has been able to grow the brain cells which are usually destroyed by the disease from skin stem cells—and they're confident it will help them develop new treatments. Read More >>

Frequent Mobile Phone Users Slobber More

It's always funny—if a little gross—when you see a friend launch a spot of spittle across the room as they chat on the phone. But new research suggests that frequent mobile users actually slobber more, making those discharges all the more common. Read More >>

World's Fastest Camera Catches Cancer at 36.7 Million FPS

There are plenty of insanely fast ways to acquire images, but in a lab in UCLA, engineers have created the world's fastest 2D camera. It's so fast, it can image 36.7 million fully-2D frames every second — and it could revolutionise the way we screen for cancer. Read More >>

Sunburn Is Your RNA Crying Out in Pain

Sunburn is painful, dangerous and embarrassing. But despite knowing it's the body's protective immune response to high levels of ultraviolet radiation, scientists weren't exactly sure what the biological process behind it was. Turns out that it's your RNA screaming out in pain — a finding which could help sunburn and other skin ailments for good. Read More >>

PlayStation 4 "Essentially a PC" Built by AMD

New reports regarding Sony's next PlayStation claim the complex Cell processor series that powered the PS3 could be for the chop, with Sony believed to be looking to simplify its next-gen machine to appease developers. Read More >>

This Is the Smallest Race In the World

A group of crazy and wonderful scientists have organised the World Cell Race. 50 lab teams from all over the world sent their microscopic pilots to race against each other. The winner: a bone marrow stem cell line from Singapore. Read More >>


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