Breakfast Cereal, Made By a Gun, in Slow-Motion

In fact, the puffing cannon was a major turning point in food technology, allowing starchy foods to be heated and pressurised to the point where they explode into... well, larger, puffier structures. A bit like making popcorn, it gave rise to the kind of puffed rice and corn that ends up in your cereal bowl. Read More >>

Study the Physical Properties Floating In Your Breakfast

There's so much noise about breakfast lately. Apparently, eating a morning meal makes you more focused, healthier and generally superhuman. It might seem like a lot of hype, but Andong He, a geologist at Yale, actually found a research topic in a bowl of cereal. So keep knocking that oatmeal back. Read More >>

happy hour
The Best (and Worst!) Boozy Cereal Recipes

Throughout the ages, some of man’s greatest discoveries have come about through circumstance and accident. Christopher Columbus was speculatively sailing west from Spain in search of a trade route to the East Indies when he ‘discovered’ that there was a little something in his way. When I discovered the beauty of combining cereals and alcohol, I was busy nursing a hangover on an otherwise unremarkable weekday morning during my first year at University. Read More >>

You Shouldn't Put Water on Your Cereal, Says Science

Researchers from Pontificia University Católica in Santiago, Chile, have determined with cold hard science that milk is definitively superior to water, as far as cereal liquids go. Read More >>


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