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What the Hell Is Groundhog Day, Other Than an Awesome Film?

Ever wondered what Groundhog Day is? Or even what a Groundhog is? They're actually quite cute, for a fat little rodent thing. Apparently they predict the weather too, like cows, or something. Anyway, watch and learn so you don't get stuck like Bill Murray someday. [CGPGrey] Read More >>

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How to Become the Lord Mayor of the (Secret) City of London

The City of London certainly is a very strange place. I'm not talking about London the city, but that one-mile patch in the centre of the London we know and love. But did you know that companies can actually vote in the City, and that its government is so freaking old, no one knows quite how old it actually is? Oh, and just don't ask about how you become the Lord Mayor of London; blimey, what a mission. [CGP Grey] Read More >>

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The Secret City of London Is a Really Strange Place

Did you know that the City of London and London are two different places? Sure, one actually lives within the other, but they have separate mayors, plus the Queen actually has to ask to enter the City of London. But how did this strange arrangement arise? Read More >>

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Is Pluto a Planet or Not?

Discovered in 1930, poor old Pluto got a pretty rough ride in the last decade or so. Once it was a fully fledged planet; now it's just puny "minor planet" in the newly designated Kuipier Belt -- astronomers just couldn't leave it alone. But I guess all this really depends on your definition of what a planet really is -- watch and learn. Read More >>

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No, the Romans Didn't Really Vomit Just So They Could Go Back and Eat More

I know it’s a Friday, and it’s almost the weekend, but you learn something new everyday, and these five misconception corrections will make great trivia fodder for down the pub this evening. So sit back, watch and learn that no, the romans didn’t vomit just so they could stuff themselves again, and no Lady Godiva didn’t ride naked through Coventry. Read More >>

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What the Hell Is a Leap Year and Why Do We Get an Extra Day Tomorrow?

Have you ever wondered why we have to have an extra day every four years? It seems baffling that we just shoehorn another 24-hours into February, but as CGP Grey so eloquently explains it’s all to do with trying to balance an imperfect calendar, something the Universe just won’t let us do. Read More >>

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Santa and Father Christmas Are Two Separate Chaps, and Coke Didn't Create Either of Them

Our new favourite YouTube director CGP Grey is back, just in time for Christmas, to educate us about the fat man we call Father Christmas. Contrary to popular belief, Coke didn't manufacture Santa, just cheekily pinched him for its advertising campaigns. Plus, what we Brits think of as Father Christmas doesn't even wear red and white at all (that's the American's Santa), and should be clad in green and white. Read More >>

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Death to Pennies or Why the Penny Isn't Worth Your Time or Money

Sure, the penny CGP Grey is talking about might be the American one cent coin, but the same goes for our pretty much useless 1p coin. When was the last time you saw a vending machine take less than a 5p coin? And all those crummy £0.99 sales tactics -- that's £1 whichever way you carve it up -- who cares about that 1p you're potentially saving? Read More >>

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Is Daylight Savings Time Amazingly Brilliant or Amazingly Foolish?

Daylight Savings Time. In the UK we've been practicing this semi-annual time change for as long as we can remember -- we call it British Summer Time. It gives us more summer light and theoretically less power consumption. But is it really so great? Read More >>


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