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Your Passwords Suck

The only person you can rely on to keep your password secure is yourself. And let me tell you, you're probably not doing enough to keep number one safe. The reason: Your special lump of letters, numbers, and symbols are likely spread over too many sites, are not long enough, and are probably too personal. Most of our passwords suck. And it's kind of a big problem. Read More >>

Tales of Password-Hacking Woe

It's the social media sites that do you in. A Close Friend—capital C, capital F—posts a link to a video that piques your interest. Click. Suddenly you're asked to sign back into Facebook. What happens next? You give some hacker or spambot your password, and your whole digital life is at risk. Read More >>

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The Best Time to Change All Your Passwords

February 1 is change your password day. But don't make it a one-time thing. Password changing should be a routine you practice regularly. Like hand-washing, or trolling Facebook. Especially ones you've shared. Read More >>


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