Hidden Fees Still Ripping Off Online Ticket Buyers

Ludicrous delivery costs for slips of paper and arbitrary fees added at the end of the booking process are ripping off ticket buyers, with a Which? survey finding that some online companies are ratcheting up the cost of buying a ticket by as much as one third. Read More >>

UK Networks Agree £50 Cap on Lost and Stolen Phone Charges

Four of our largest mobile networks have come to a deal on handling calling fees run up on lost and stolen mobile phones, with EE, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone agreeing to limit the nicked mobile bill shock to a maximum of £50. Read More >>

Premium Rate Government Numbers Screw the Poorest People out of £56m a Year

Research by the National Audit Office has found that we spend around £56m a year phoning various government departments, with the rise in use of the premium 084 numbers costing us dearly. Read More >>

EU Mobile Roaming Fees Less of a Rip-Off From Today

Today's the day the EU's latest bit of positive price fixing legislation kicks in, with new rules regarding how much the mobile networks can charge us for roaming while away from home coming online right now. Read More >>

EU Votes to Ban Mobile Call, Text and Data Roaming Fees From 2014

A complete end to mobile roaming fee stress should hit Europe next year, thanks to EU politicians voting to approve and "fast track" into law regulations that stop the networks charging us any roaming fees while within the EU's member states. Read More >>

Ofcom Simplifying Non-Geographic Numbers so We're Not Terrified of Calling Companies

Telecoms industry manager Ofcom is taking a long and hard look at the way it organises the non-geographic 03, 08 and 09 numbers in the UK, after it found that some callers avoid using them due to worries about being charged rip-off rates. Read More >>

Are We All Going to Have to Start Paying For Our Bank Accounts?

The EU has tabled a few draft proposals designed to force banks to be clearer on their charges and make comparing fees easier, which could bring about the long-heralded end of mostly "free" banking in the UK. Read More >>

0800 Mobile Calling Fees Rip-Off Set to End

One of the great modern injustices about using your mobile will soon come to an end, thanks to regulator Ofcom formally decreeing that it wants to unify freephone numbers and make 0800 lines free to call from our mobiles. Read More >>

Facebook Widens £10 Celebrity Stalking Messaging Fee

Facebook is pushing ahead with the launch of a crazy new paid messaging service in the UK, which sees users charged up to £10 a time to send unsolicited messages to celebrities and other people not already on their friends list. Read More >>

Faulty iPhone Burns Through £19,000 of Mobile Data

A supposedly "faulty" iPhone landed a man in severe financial trouble, after the phone racked up an astonishing £19k data bill -- and network Orange tried to take the money from the bloke's account. Read More >>

Is It Right to Charge Money to Print Your Own Tickets at Home?

While some people are perfectly happy to pay £400 to watch a handful pensioners playing songs from the 1960s, there's one ticketing scam that still seems particularly mean -- charging us "delivery fees" even when we're printing out emailed digital copies of tickets. Read More >>

Ofcom Investigating Recent UK Mobile Contract Price Rises

After receiving loads of complaints following a series of mid-contract price rise outrages, regulator Ofcom is said to be looking at the practise of networks including "price variation clauses" in their contracts which let them take more money off us whenever they like. Read More >>

T-Mobile's Global Roaming Data Deals Start at £1 a Day for 3MB Across Europe

T-Mobile has joined O2, Vodafone and Three in offering a capped mobile data plan for travellers, so its users don't end up with a £150 phone bill for daring to send a horrified Tweet from the streets of Magaluf. Read More >>

Android Angry Birds Clone Earned its Makers £28k in Premium Rate Text Scam

Those fake apps that pop up really do work for their makers, it seems, with one enterprising Latvian scammer raking in around £28,000 thanks to releasing fake versions of Angry Birds, Assassin's Creed and Cut the Rope on Google's Play Store. Read More >>

Free Calls Should Be Free From Mobiles, Too

The UK's regulator of communications wants to simplify the minefield that is mobile phone calling fees, amending the rules so that calls to 0800 numbers are free from mobile phones as well as land lines. Read More >>

Finally, You Can Book Cinema Tickets Online Without Rip-Off Card Charges

Going to the cinema these days is expensive enough, but it doesn’t half cheese you off when you get a massive extra fee of up to £4.20, just for booking online with your bloody card. Thankfully it seems someone’s finally wised-up to the fact that we’re just not having it any more, as Cineworld’s dropped all card charges. Read More >>


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