Turn Your Car's Cup Holders Into a Wireless Smartphone Charger

Your car's cup holders were originally designed to hold beverages, but odds are most of us have repurposed them to hold our smartphones instead. So Zens has created a simple slotted insert that turns cup holders into chargers if your smartphone supports wireless charging. Read More >>

One Universal Phone Charger to Rule Them all by 2017?

"For everything there is a season, for every phone its own separate charger," to...paraphrase Ecclesiastes 3:1. But, Apple's Lightning connector be-damned, that could all change in the coming years, as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted in favour of a universal phone charger standard this week. Read More >>

Every Living Room Needs a 15-Foot USB Charging Hub

Like it or not, living rooms around the world are no longer dominated by the TV. Sure, it's still on in the background, but our attention is now mostly held by smartphones and tablets while we lounge about. So forget a surround sound setup, the best upgrade for your living room is now an extra long cable to keep everyone's devices charged. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple's Smartwatch Could Use Wireless Charging and Solar Power

The New York Times reports that Apple is researching new technologies to charge its products—and it could see its smartwatch come equipped with solar charging capabilities. Some day. Read More >>

This Nifty Device Jump-Starts Your Gadgets

A backup battery for your phone is only useful if you're willing to carry it with you. So Native Union has come up with the JUMP which integrates a little extra power into your smartphone's charging cable, ensuring it's light enough to carry and always has extra power to keep your device running. Read More >>

This Miniscule Windmill Could Charge Your Phone

Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have come up with a way to build a nickel alloy windmill so small, ten of them could be mounted on a grain of rice. And if all goes as planned, the little windmill could end up in a case that charges your smartphone. Read More >>

Milton Keynes, City of the Future, Launches Wireless Inductive Charging for Buses

The electric buses of Milton Keynes will soon be able to trundle about town all day on a single charge, thanks to the arrival of inductive charging pads that allow drivers to top up a vehicle's battery during stops. Read More >>

Charge Your Phone From Your Power Tools With This Handy Adapter

Smartphones have become an essential tool in every line of work, from corporate accounting to carpentry. But often times those working on building sites don't have easy access to a power outlet for a quick top off when needed. They do, however, have access to power tools. With this clever adapter they can harness a drill or saw's rechargeable battery to recharge their electronics. Read More >>

Harness Thor's Mighty Mjölnir Hammer To Charge Your Gadgets

With seemingly unlimited celestial power, it only makes sense that Thor should share a little bit of the Mjölnir Hammer's capabilities with humanity when he's not battling Loki or alien invaders. After all, a dead smartphone can be just as catastrophic to some people as the world ending. And while it might not be Thor's exact hammer, this version of the Mjölnir is far more useful to humans addicted to their phones. Read More >>

Impossibly Thin Charging Cables No Thicker Than a Pair of Credit Cards

Boosting the battery life on a mobile device is easy; they just need to get a lot thicker. But since none of us are willing to give up our svelte smartphones or tablets, we've bought into a life that involves bringing charging cables wherever we go. A hassle that's now slightly less annoying with these ultra-thin USB cables that can easily slip into the slimmest of pockets. Read More >>

how to
Making The Perfect Gadget-Charging Bag

Smartphone. Tablet. Laptop. Maybe an e-reader, gaming device, and camera chucked in there too. Chances are, a lot of you carting around a lot of electronics on a daily basis, and most of it has a battery. Here's how to make the perfect gadget bag, one that not only carries your crap, but keeps it perpetually perked up too. Read More >>

Nokia's Actually Researching How To Charge Phones With Lightning

If there ever was a corporate stunt that deserved a 'do not try this at home' warning, this is it. Working with scientists from the University of Southampton (translation: people who know what they're doing) Nokia has successfully charged a Lumia 925 using lightning generated in a laboratory. All of a sudden that knock off smartphone charger you've been using doesn't seem so dangerous, does it? Read More >>

This Advertisement Uses Supposedly Dead Batteries To Charge Your Phone

No one really waits until a battery is completely and utterly dead before tossing it, we usually swap them out when a remote starts to get finicky or a torch begins to dim. So it's estimated that most discarded batteries have an average of 400 milliamps of power left in them; a fact this clever advertisement capitalises on to recharge mobile phones. Read More >>

An Emergency Lightning Cable That's No Bigger Than Your House Key

The makers of the ChargeCard—that wallet-friendly credit card-sized sync cable for smartphones—are back with a new product called the ChargeKey that's instead designed to hang out on your keychain. It's almost like a stripped down version of the ChargeCard that sheds most of the plastic so it can easily sidle up next to your keys, but at the cost of being incredibly short which limits where you can use it. Read More >>

Daisy Chain This Keychain Solar Battery's Panels For Faster Charges

You can never have too many sources of backup power for your mobile devices. And not only is the compact ClicLite easy to carry around, it also charges itself using the sun's continuously free rays. But what's that you say? That tiny solar panel will take hours to recharge its internal battery? Well then it's a good thing you can increase its sunlight trapping capacity with extra snap on panels. Read More >>

A USB-Packed Dock For All Your Phones and Tablets To Call Home

Laugh if you will at the absurdity of a dock that can charge and store ten different devices, but if you stop and actually count how many things you need to plug in every night, it stops being so absurd. By now most households have at least a few smartphones, gaming devices, and a couple of tablets. And with an influx of smartwatches poised to arrive, Griffin's new MultiDock seems like a reasonable accessory. Read More >>


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