The 233 Year History of the Bicycle In One Handy Chart

For those who live and breathe by two wheeled transportation, bicycles are more than just a way to get from here to there. The immediate, wind on your face freedom of pedalling fast is a feeling that just can’t be matched by wandering around, road-tripping, or pretty much any kind of public transport. Read More >>

Here Is a Chart Showing All the Different Cuts of Beef

Beef is never not delicious, but certain cuts of beef are even more delicious than other parts of meat. Why is that? Because the cow is a pretty big animal and different parts of it can be fattier or leaner than the other. This infographic from breaks down where which kind of beef cut comes from. If you were ever curious to see where the chuck is from or where the sirloin lies, you never have to wonder again. Read More >>

Internet Explorer vs Murder Rate Will Be Your Favourite Chart Today

Like its author says " I know correlation doesn't imply causation but..." But I think that, in this case, we may be onto something. [Twitter] Read More >>

This Is What 350,000 Websites Look Like

Try to picture the internet and you invariably have a hard time. Fortunately, Ruslan Enikeev has decided to help you out by creating a map which organizes websites by popularity and similarity. Read More >>

How Common Is Your Birthday?

Your birthday! The day you feel like the most special person on the planet! The day you get to do what you want. But don't forget, other people share your birthday too. In fact, a lot of people do. What are the most common birthdays? Check out this snazzy visualisation to find out. Read More >>

Streaming Music Has Finally Made It With Its Very Own UK Top 100 Chart

The UK top 100 singles chart is about to get some stiff competition from the streaming legion. It seems Spotify and its kin are just so damn popular these days that the music chart makers just can't ignore them any more. They're getting their own top 100 with play statistics pulled from audio-only streaming sites and services. Read More >>

Who Wins the Santa vs Zombies vs Satan Google Battle These Holidays?

The University of Oxford's Internet Institute has discovered that there are places in the United States where there are more people googling for zombies and satan than for Santa Claus. They have found some interesting patterns: Read More >>