Why Google Killing Google Voice Would be Fantastic

Brace yourself Google Voice fanboys, your treasured service is probably not long for this world. But don't you worry; the sooner it's dead the better we'll all be. Read More >>

BBC Typo Nightmare Described WhatsApp as a "Massaging Service"

Some poor late-night content generator for the BBC had a rather bad evening late yesterday, managing to describe WhatsApp as a massage service in a headline about the Facebook purchase. Sadly, Facebook hasn't pivoted into the sports injury or grim sauna sex business. If it had, we wouldn't mind it having our personal data so much. [Huffington Post] Read More >>

Google Patents Social Network That Can Talk to Itself

Google software engineers have patented the concept of a sort of social network auto-responder, mooting a system that learns your usual responses (LOL, haha, :(, etc etc) and then offers to respond to people in a similar manner on your behalf. Read More >>

Self-Love Portal Instagram May be Launching Direct Messaging Tools

It'll soon be much easier to make contact with those people you occasionally stalk on Instagram, thanks to a rumour that suggests the sandwich and sunset photography portal is about to bring direct messaging to its 200 million aggressively confident users. Read More >>

BitTorrent Thinks It Can Make Your Online Chat Secure

The fallout from the NSA spying scandal has left many people unsure about what they should and shouldn't share across the tubes. But now BitTorrent thinks it has the answer: an instant-message chat client that uses the torrenting principle of decentralised data transfer to keep your communications safe. Read More >>

xbox one
You'll Sound a Bit More Human With Xbox One's Voice Chat

Microsoft's in-house geisha man Major Nelson has published some sample recordings of Xbox One's voice chat output, revealing that the console's chit-chat sounds markedly better than on Xbox 360. You'll be able to enjoy hearing strangers calling you a ***** **** in more clarity than ever. Read More >>

Skype Has 3D Video Calls Working "In the Lab" But is Unsure About a Public Launch

While Nintendo and the BBC are ditching 3D for the forseeable future, Microsoft's Skype messaging tool is looking to embrace the tech at some point with bosses claiming it's been experimenting with 3D capture and messaging in order to create a convincing "body double" effect. Read More >>

You Won't Have to Pay Anything to Use Netflix or Chat on the PS4

The war of "anything you can do, I can do better" between the consoles continues, this time with Sony's revelation that you won't have to pay a penny to use the PS4's online capabilities for anything other than gaming. That means free access to your Netflix subscription, and free online chat, for those who actually use their consoles for other things. Read More >>

BBM Will Definitely Be on Android By End of September

It might be too little, too late, but BlackBerry's BBM will finally make it out of its mediocre locked-down BlackBerry-only exhistence by the end of next month. It might launch for iOS first, but at least the Android version won't be too far away if it's not quite time and date with the iPhone. Not that we really need it anymore. Maybe the Canadians'll still love it? [IBN Live via T3] Read More >>

The Only Fragmentation That Matters (In Charts!)

We can argue about Android fragmentation and conflicting standards all day long, but you know what? Those fights are nothing compared to how broken your own digital life is. Read More >>

BBM Will Hit Android and iOS on June 27th, Apparently

Looks like BlackBerry's only useful thing left in its armoury, BBM, is finally going cross-platform on June 27th, at least according to T-Mobile. We'll see if people adopt it given it only works on phones and Google's already launched Hangouts. [Twitter] Read More >>

Google Hangouts Has a Fun New Easter Egg

So, Google's new Hangouts app keeps all of your chats in sync across all of your devices. Cool, right? But what if you're in a video call on your phone, and then open the same video call on your computer. Boop! Suddenly there's two of you, as I just discovered when chatting with my friend Bay.
You can now show two angles of yourself at the same time. Turn your head from one to the quickly for instant comedy. But why stop there? I pulled out my tablet, and yep, that worked, too. In the image above you can see there's three of me and two of him. Read More >>

Google's Hangouts Chat World Will Soon Pull in SMS Messages

Google's attempt to assimilate the communications of the world will soon take a huge step forward, with a company staff member unofficially suggesting that text messages will soon slot themselves into its Hangouts cross-platform chat suite. Read More >>

Google Hangouts: Unified Chat, Unlimited Reach

After taking some major steps forward earlier this week with the announcement that Google Talk support would finally be hitting Outlook, the long-anticipated Babel all-in-one chat service has finally been revealed as... Hangouts. Which yes, we already have sort of—but not like this. Read More >>

Hell Yes! You Can Gchat in Outlook Soon

Here's some good, good news. Microsoft is adding Google Talk (which all of you just call Gchat) support to Meaning, you can use Google's chat service right through Microsoft's beautiful new(ish) webmail page. Awesome. Read More >>

BlackBerry Is Bringing BBM to iOS and Android This Summer

Today, at the BlackBerry Live Keynote, the company announced that it will be launching BBM on iOS and Android this Summer. This is a big move for the company that has found itself increasingly trapped in a prison of its own making. Read More >>


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