Should People Be Allowed to Drink and "Drive" Self-Driving Cars?

Autonomous cars are coming soon, people, maybe as soon as 2015, maybe as soon as 2015 for the citizens of California. And with them will be a whole set of new rules and regulations when it comes to driving. Or, ahem, not driving. Read More >>

Would You Customise Your First Born Child?

The recent announcement by a British medical ethics board in favour of an experimental three-parent IVF treatment—wherein the genetic material from three donors, not the usual two, is used to create a foetus—has once again stirred the pot of reproductive controversy. So where exactly is the line between prenatal treatments and eugenic experiments? Read More >>

What's Your Proudest Online Accomplishment?

The internet is the place to pump your ideas out and hope they'll resonate with someone somewhere. When digital strangers agree with your opinions, fawn over your pictures, or laugh at your jokes, it feels good, man. What was your biggest internet hit? Read More >>

Where do You Actually Store all Your Online Stuff?

With Google dropping the cost for its Drive service to just £6 a month for an absurdly mammoth 1TB of storage, it's a great time to think: "Wow, well I maybe I should cram all my digital crap into the same place for simplicity!" But it's never that easy. Read More >>

Do You Miss Google's Old School Look?

Yesterday, Google's desktop search page got a redesign. Now it looks the same as Google's mobile and tablet search pages—bigger titles and, notably, no more underline for linked text. Did you notice? And if you did, which do you prefer? Read More >>

Could the BBC be About to Axe BBC3 or BBC4?

The BBC has come under fire in recent years for its spiralling costs, and Director General Tony Hall may be forced to take drastic measures in order to find another £100m for its proposed £700m cuts programme. Youth-orientated BBC3 and arts and education-focussed BBC4 are both facing the chop. If one has to go, which would you save? [Daily Mail] Read More >>

What Do You Think About Apple HQ's Official Steve Jobs Statue?

Of the over 10,000 entries submitted, Apple has officially chosen this piece, created by Belgrade sculptor Dragan Radenović, to commemorate and remember Steve Jobs who lost his battle with cancer almost two and a half years ago. Read More >>

Would You Swap Pub Grub Pork Scratchings for "Cock Scratchings"?

A pint of bitter, a gin and tonic and a bag of your finest deep-fried chicken skin please, barkeep! Read More >>

Teledildonics: The Weird, Wonderful World of Social Sex Toys

Sex toys are great, but they still can't compare to skin-on-skin contact. That may be about to change—kind of—thanks to a new generation of internet-enabled playthings that fall under the intriguingly-named umbrella of teledildonics. These toys let long-distance partners "feel" each other in real-time via data-enabled devices. Read More >>

Do You Ever Click On In-App Advertisements?

"I'll just ignore the ads," you tell yourself whenever you choose a free app instead of paying for the no-ad version. But nobody can really ignore those ads—they're splattered all across your screen. And somebody has to be clicking on them. Is it you? You can tell us. Read More >>

Would You Eat 3D Printed Insect Snacks to Help Lower World Hunger?

Scientists seem to agree that one way for humanity to survive the ongoing population explosion is to start getting more of its protein from insects, rather than the enormous, inefficient cows and pigs we currently grind up and fry. Problem is, no one wants to eat a beetle. But how about a beetle that's been mashed and 3D printed into a pretty sweetie shape? Read More >>

Londoners, Now's Your Chance to Moan About Your Journey in Today

With 23 per cent of our readers living in London, I'm guessing many of them struggled into work today thanks to Bob Crow's tube strike. Now, while there's nothing more dull than hearing of other people's three-hour travel attempts, there's admittedly nothing more satisfying than bitching about your own journey. So, air your grievances below, but warning! Be careful not to read anyone else's comment. (Unless the non-Londoners want a kick of schadenfreude with their morning coffee). Read More >>

What Do You Think of the Sochi Olympic Logo?

Sochi hasn't been displaying the best of marketing strategies to date, with the world now fully aware that it still isn't ready for the impending Olympics. Can its logo help right some of its wrongs? Read More >>

Should Students be Able to Take Coding Classes For Language Credits?

The US State of Kentucky's Senate just passed a law that will let students take computer programming classes to satisfy their foreign language requirements. Do you think that's a good move? Read More >>

Which Magazines Do You Still Subscribe To?

The internet has all but replaced traditional print media as many people's primary news source, with newspapers and magazines across the country either scrambling to adapt or risk being crushed by the wheels of technological advancement. Read More >>

Would You Pay More for Amazon Prime?

Amazon admitted in its fourth quarter earnings call that subscribers of their Amazon Prime service are likely to see a price hike of anything between $20 to $40, which equates to roughly £12 to £24, on their annual fee. Read More >>


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