How to Flip Food in a Pan

Some of you probably already know this but if you're a new kid in the kitchen, here's a great explainer on how to flip food in a pan: It's not an up and down motion! You don't lift the pan AT ALL. Instead, just slide the pan quickly back and forth and you'll get the right flip with minimal mess. Flipping food like a BOSS. Or, I guess, a chef. [YouTube via BoingBoing] Read More >>

The Most Perfectest Hamburger in the World Makes My Mouth Orgasm

Seeing Chef Maxime Bilet talk about how the Modernist Cuisine created the most ultimate hamburger in this entire world, makes me cry happy meat tears. Everything was scientifically considered, from the fluffy bun and lab made cheese, to the sous-viding and cryofrying process. I'll go vegetarian for you, baby. Read More >>


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