3D Virtual Birth Simulator Uses Mother and Baby's Actual Measurements

Although the field of childbirth has remained pretty stagnant as far as fields of medicine go, it's been making some major strides in recent months.. Though unlike other recent techniques, this newest one goes into action long before the mother's first contraction even hits; scientists can now create 3D virtual birth simulations that could end up saving both mum and baby alike. Read More >>

This Incubator Humanises The Hospital

Childbirth, though wonderful, can also be quite traumatic. That can be particularly true for the parents of premature infants, who often spend several weeks in a neonatal ICU while their children rest in incubators that, while life-saving are typically very impersonal, and serve as de-facto barriers between parent and child. The BabyBloom Incubator aims to change that experience. It's a super-innovative solution to a host of problems. Read More >>


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