China Can't Stop Hacking the World's Only Superpower

It's been almost a year since The New York Times, working with cybersecurity firm Mandiant, outed the Chinese military for being behind an ongoing series of hacking attacks aimed at the United States. Articles were written. Meetings were held. Defense budgets was boosted. Did it stop the hackers? Not a chance. Read More >>

Chinese Hackers Just Got Caught Hijacking a Decoy US Water Plant

Chinese hackers have been harassing the US in a series of cyberattacks, but we've started trying to talk it out and cool this all down. But in the meantime, a security researcher has just revealed that he caught a team of Chinese hackers hijacking a fake water plant he set up. Aside from being unable to spot the fake, they knew exactly what they were doing. Read More >>

Attempts To Dodge Chinese Hacking May Backfire As Usual

With concern about Chinese hacking on the rise, the American Congress passed new restrictions on buying equipment from China last month as part of a funding bill. The measures ban some federal purchases of networked equipment "produced, manufactured or assembled" by any group with a strong connection to China. Read More >>

Watch a Chinese Hacker Launch an Invasion in Real Time

Are the Chinese after everyone? According to a new report, yes. Security firm Mandiant has detailed the exploits of a Chinese cyber espionage group it calls APT1. Mandiant claims to have evidence that APT1 has stolen "hundreds of terabytes of data" from 141 American organisations. Evidence that includes this video of an elite Chinese hacker in action. Read More >>

The Chinese Army Is Hacking the United States From This Building

To no one's real surprise, the culprit behind all the hackings against the United States is the Chinese Army. Specifically, they're known as the 'Comment Crew' or 'Shanghai Group' (two rather non-intimidating names if you ask me) and they're in P.L.A. Unit 61398, a 12-story office tower located just outside of Shanghai. That little building is responsible for much of the cyber attacks against the US from China. Read More >>


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