Chip Shop Maniac Creates 5kg Deep-Fried Ferrero Rocher

Why, ambassador, with this deep-fried Ferrero Rocher you are providing us with enough calories to keep an elephant running at top speed on a treadmill for a month. The ambassador is John Clarkson, a chippy boss who claims battered Rocher have been a hit with his customers. So much so that he made a huge one that looks absolutely disgusting. Read More >>

Science Finds the Universe's Best Chips Would Come From Jupiter

Just because we can't fry food in the vacuum of space doesn't mean that the entire universe has to be devoid of its greasy wonder. In fact, turns out us Earthlings live in an environment damned to produce subpar chips without even realising it. According to a new study, if you're really jonesing for the good stuff, you're going to need to haul your arse all the way down to Jupiter. Read More >>

Bloomberg: Google is Thinking About Making Chips

Bloomberg is reporting that Google is mulling the idea of designing its own server processors, using technology from ARM. Read More >>

Intel Is About to Start Making ARM Chips

It at first you don't succeed, join forces with people that do things better than you. At least, that's what Intel is doing, as it starts producing ARM chips at its fabrication plants. Read More >>

Memory Chips Are the Most Expensive They've Been in Two Years

Manufacturers and consumers alike better brace themselves: memory chip prices have hit a two-year high because of a major fire in a massive Chinese production plant. Read More >>

Graphene Computer Chips Run on Light Instead of Electricity

Thanks to improvements in fibre optics, most of the information that you consume on any given day is transported by light. Quite inefficiently, however, most computer chips need electricity to operate, and scientists haven't quite figured out how to make the leap to more futuristic materials. At least not until graphene came along. Read More >>

Qualcomm's AllPlay Might be the Android AirPlay We've Been Waiting For

There might soon be another media streaming tech spec listed on the boxes of Qualcomm-powered Android hardware, thanks to the chip specialist revealing its new AllPlay wireless music streaming format. Read More >>

Chippy Accused of Racism Over 25p Ketchup Assault

Apparently, people in Edinburgh favour putting brown sauce on their fish & chips, an odd regional peculiarity that's caused a man from Glasgow to claim a chip shop's 25p fee for tomato ketchup is akin to "racism" -- because it gives away the brown stuff for free. Read More >>

IBM Is Creating an Entire Computing Architecture Based on the Brain

The brain's an incredibly rich and complex computational core that we don't really fully understand—but that isn't stopping IBM building a new form of computing architecture around what's happening inside our heads. Read More >>

Report: Apple's Next-Gen Chips Will Be Made By Samsung Again

The Korea Economic Daily reports that Apple has signed a deal with Samsung which will see them work together on future A-series chips for Apple's iOS devices. Specifically, the agreement appears to be for the production of A9 chips (the iPhone 5 currently uses the A6), which will be based on a new 14-nanometre manufacturing process, and begin production sometime in 2015. Read More >>

Apple Is Finally Going to Ditch Samsung's Chips

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has finally signed a deal with something called Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to make its guts for future iPhones and iPads. Specifically, TSMC will start mass-producing 20 nanometer chips for Apple in 2014, paving way for longer battery life in Samsung-less iPhones and iPads. Read More >>

Intel Says Haswell Will Extend Laptop Battery Life by 50 Per Cent

Intel has just made one very, very big claim: it reckons that its new Haswell chip will boost the battery life of laptops by a staggering 50 per cent. Read More >>

These Brand New AMD Processors Could Be Your Next Laptop's Brain

Intel's new 4th-gen chips may be on the horizon, but AMD is taking the opportunity to strike first and get out their with its new family of third-generation A-series processors ahead of time. Enter the "Temash," "Kabini," and "Richland," processors that will make themselves at home in upcoming tablets, midrange notebooks, and powerhouse ultrathins soon. Read More >>

When Super-Sized Fries Just Aren't Big Enough, You Need Japan's "Mega Potato"

Ironically, coming from the land of the tiny, Japan has beaten the rest of the world with the biggest McDonald's fries you've ever seen. It's not just super-sized anymore, it's simply humongous. Meet the epically-named "Mega Potato". Now you're making me hungry. Read More >>

These Tiny Chiplets Could Coat Nearly Anything in Digital Intelligence

Imagine if silicon chips were smaller than a grain of sand and could be made using a laser printer: everything under the Sun could be made unobtrusively smart. But that's not science fiction, and you don't have to imagine too hard — because researchers at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Centre have already done it. Read More >>


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