My Breathtaking Ride From Earth to the International Space Station

The rumble of power just got stronger and more insistent as we heard the countdown in Russian through our headsets and then, "Pusk." Liftoff. Read More >>

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Explains Why The Underwear in Gravity was Unrealistic

It's not the visuals. Awesome astronaut Chris Hadfield told US talk show host Conan that Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity perfectly captured the spectacular beauty of space. This is a man who actually spacewalked, people! We gotta trust his opinion since we'll probably never see space. But one thing that wasn't realistic? Sandra Bullock's underwear. Read More >>

This Is What Astronauts Use to Poop in Space (Ew. Awesome...Ew.)

So our dear friend Cmdr. Chris Hadfield shared a horrifying piece of trivia this morning: Soyuz astronauts get two enemas before launch. Which is a little uncomfortable, but necessary because, uh, Soyuz restroom looks like this. Read More >>

Chris Hadfield, Astronaut Extraordinaire, Announces His Retirement

Thanks for all the fish, Chris Hadfield. You made us all care about space after many decades of not caring. Read More >>

Was Commander Hadfield’s Performance of Space Oddity the Most Expensive Music Video Ever?

Commander Chris Hadfield's cover version of Space Oddity took the internet by storm yesterday, but it got a lot of people thinking: does it amount to the most expensive music video ever made? Read More >>

Soyuz Capsule Returns Chris Hadfield and Crew Safely Back to Earth

After inspiring all of us on Earth, Commander Chris Hadfield and crew have finally re-joined us here. The Soyuz space capsule landed safely at 10:31 PM EDT in Kazakhstan. Hadfield had spent 144 days on the ISS, 2,336 orbits around the planet and totaled up around 62 million miles. That's a lot of miles! Read More >>

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Your Only Chance to Hear a Space Oddity Cover Recorded in Space

Here Hadfield, who's coming back to Earth sometime today, takes on David Bowie's Space Oddity and it's just the best. We get to see ISS in flight, watch Hadfield's guitar float through zero-g, and listen to his surprisingly good astro-voice. If you can think of a better way to spend your last day in space, I'd love to hear it. Read More >>

The Photos From Today's Emergency Spacewalk Are Totally Awe-Inspiring

When astronauts Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn left the ISS today to go fix a leaky ammonia pump all quicklike, everyone's favourite YouTubing Canadian Commander, Chris Hadfield, stayed inside to keep things going there. But, as he is wont to do, he took some seriously awesome shots of the spacewalkers at work. Read More >>

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The Moon Looks Like a Distant Alien World From Up There

That's no moon... No, wait, that is the Moon, ushering in the dawn as the ISS flies over. Being an astronaut must be so damn cool when you get to see this kind of thing every day. Maybe Virgin Galactic will be able to give us a shot at witnessing that kind of thing for ourselves soon. You only need £130,000 a seat. [Chris Hadfield] Read More >>

Even Wringing a Wet Cloth Is Magical in Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield continues to make us all insanely jealous of the time he's been spending on the International Space Station, with another video showing what day-to-day life is like orbiting the Earth. Except this time he shows what happens when you wring a soaking wet cloth in zero gravity, and the results are almost magical. Read More >>

How to Sleep In Space

While you are sinking into you soft, pillow-top mattress — or pile of trash — there are a handful of human beings in space who take to their nightly respite a little differently, by strapping themselves into a zero-g space coffin. Apparently it's better than it sounds. Read More >>

All the Tools Used to Work Out in Space

Chris Hadfield—CSA Astronaut, ISS Commander and the human explainer for all things space related—answers another question with his latest video: how do astronauts exercise with that zero gravity and all? Turns out, they do a lot of the same stuff we do: running on a treadmill, deadlifts, squats and more. Only their exercises require being carefully tied down by a harness. Read More >>

This Is Not Mars or Mercury—This Is Earth

Commander Chris Hadfield—god bless his astrochops—just took this photo of Earth with the following caption: "Mars is a very interesting planet, with its rugged, ancient surface. But this is Earth." Absolutely oooohstanding. [Twitter] Read More >>

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The First Song Composed and Recorded In Space Actually Rocks

This is the first song composed and recorded in space, the result of the collaboration of ISS Commander Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson, the singer of the Barenaked Ladies. Together with the band and the Wexford Gleeks choir, they recorded I.S.S (Is Somebody Singing) using a live connection between the International Space Station and CBC Music's studio in Toronto, Canada. Read More >>

So How do Astronauts Wash Their Hands in Space?

Well. You sort of squirt out some water. Special water from a special pouch. Then round up the biggest globule and rub it around, before wiping your hands with the special 100 per cent cotton NASA space towel. We're sure there's a better and more efficient way. Washing your hands can't always be this much fun. This is basically Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield mucking about. [YouTube] Read More >>


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