This Amazing Lego Instant Camera Even Pops Out Lego Polaroids

We couldn't be happier that Lego master Chris McVeigh—aka Power Pig—is continuing to use his formidable skills to create brick versions of iconic cameras. Following up on his Leica M9-P he brings us this gorgeous Lego version of the Polaroid Land Camera 1000. Read More >>

A Near Perfect Lego Recreation of the Commodore 64

Hot on the heels of his impressive Lego Leica M9-P and gorgeous bricked Macintosh, Chris McVeigh—aka Flickr's powerpig—is back with a stunning Lego rendition of the Commodore 64. Read More >>

Build the Lego Ornament That Can Do the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs

Placing this Lego Millennium Falcon ornament on your tree will certainly guarantee that you'll have the coolest tannenbaum in town. Oh, and if your Wookie knocks it down, you can quickly rebuild it. Why do you think they called him Chewie? Read More >>


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