After Months of Anticipation, The Dark Knight Rises Is Finally Here. But Was It Actually Any Good?

After literally months of teasers, trailers, featurettes and intense anticipation, Christopher Nolan's conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy is finally upon us. Reviews across-the-board seem to be good, with the odd outlier saying it's rubbish, but now that you’ve placed bum-on-seat and witnessed it with your own two-eyes, tell us what you really thought. (Warning: Could contain spoilers) Read More >>

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These New Dark Knight Rises Shots Show Prometheus Is Going to Have Some Stiff Competition This Summer

As much as I think Prometheus is going to take the summer blockbuster crown this year, there’s still a few fantastic looking movies incoming that could take it down a peg or two. Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises is certainly one of them, and if these shots are anything to go by, it’ll be just as epic as the previous two Batman-reboot outings. Read More >>


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