A Merry F#@*&%! Christmas from Xbox One

Christmas music -- one of those traditions that everybody accepts, but no-one really enjoys, like sprouts, or overtly racist grandparents. One Kent man decided to use his new Xbox One to find some Christmas music for him and his family to enjoy over the festive period. What he found wasn't exactly suitable for midnight mass. Read More >>

How to Take Christmas Photos That Aren't Terrible

Family gatherings over Chrimbo are the ripest events of the year for photo-documentation. Rather than leaving the task to Aunt Edna, take those reins yourself. You can capture the finest damn pictures this family has ever seen! Read More >>

Incredible Optimus Prime Gingerbread Man Transforms Into Deliciousness

If you were thinking about baking and building a gingerbread house this holiday season to impress your friends, don't waste your time. Because Caroline Eriksson has easily claimed the title of 'most awesome gingerbread thing' for 2013 with this unbelievably magnificent gingerbread Optimus Prime. Read More >>

Milton Keynes Non-Profit Saves Christmas from "Poundland Santa" Shame

The local ice rink in Milton Keynes has stepped in to save Christmas for disappointed children and their angry parents, after a separate local "Winter Wonderland" event was savaged as a rip-off by visitors and forced to close after just two days. Read More >>

James Bond Was an Alcoholic Mess Who Couldn't Hold a Spoon, Suggest Anti-Booze Doctors

Here's a pleasing message for those of you who plan to purposefully drink yourself to unconsciousness several times over the next fortnight, courtesy of a few doctors, who suggest Bond's preference for shaken Martinis may be to mask his alcohol-induced shakes. Read More >>

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Ruin Christmas Early With Scientifically Accurate Santa

What's that you say? Santa's existence is actually impossible? Sure you may have heard some of these facts stated before, but never this musically—or with this much absurd animation. Read More >>

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Japanese Christmas Light Displays are Simultaneously Absurd and Calming

In south Japan, Mie prefecture is rocking 7 million LED Christmas lights. Hence the awesome light tunnel above. "Illuminations" or Christmas light displays have been a big deal in Japan since the 1980s. But there's something a lot more contemplative about these lights compared to some of the spectacles in the US. Read More >>

Do You Buy a Real Christmas Tree or a Fake One?

It's that special time of year filled with wonder and whimsy when we put trees in our homes and transform our apartments into magical forests decorated with plastic tinsel and coloured glass orbs. But your tree. Your tree! Is it real or fake? Read More >>

This £4,000 Santa Stakeout Kit Means Father Christmas is Going Down

Murderer. Slave owner. Celebrated philanderer. These are the words that should come to mind when considering a one Mr. Nicholas "Santa" Claus. Just because you can see through that drunk jolly facade, though, doesn't mean the rest of the world can. So it's time to take matters into your own hands. Fortunately, OpticsPlanet has put together a state-of-the-art, high-tech Santa Stakeout Kit for all your hardcore Santa-hunting needs. The guy never stood a chance. Read More >>

Charity Gift Wrap Turns Common Germs Into Pwetty Wittle Snowflakes

Homelessness charity St. Mungos has created this charming gift wrap, consisting of three heart-warming snowflake scenes. But they're not snowflakes, they're the cold, influenza and pneumonia viruses, blown up to highlight but three of the problems faced by the homeless in winter. All money goes to charity. Buy here: [Wrap Up Project] Read More >>

This Sleek Nativity Set Brings Good Design to the Christmas Story

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but it needn't be chintzy. This sleek nativity set, for instance, brings some simple good design to the festive period. Read More >>

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How to do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange With Far-Flung Friends

Secret Santa gift exchanges with friends are a fun part of Christmas festivities, but you have a dilemma: all your pals live in different cities. Praise be to the internet, because that's no dilemma at all. Read More >>

GAME Creates Tinned Christmas Dinner for Time-Pressed Console Owners

High street console specialist GAME has come up with a clever Christmas concept, creating what it calls the Christmas Tinner -- a full day's festive food in a can. So you can concentrate on pretending Knack, Ryse and the rest of the next-console launch games are any good without worrying about feeding yourself. Read More >>

Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Just Went Digital

Mark Rober has been wowing us for three of years now with his innovative, high-tech Halloween costumes. In fact, he got so good at it that he quit his job at NASA to devote himself to "Digital Dudz" full-time. Now he's applied the cyber-clothing concept to the perennial holiday favourite, the ugly Christmas sweater, and oh man, it's kind of awesome. Read More >>


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