Your Next Real Christmas Tree Might Have a Wacky New Colour or Scent

Botanists have been busy trying to iron out the pesky needle drop from Christmas trees for years by crossing different species of fir. But now, scientists are getting involved—and the results could mean that your next tree looks or smells completely different. Read More >>

BBC Server Hacked and Offered For Sale on Christmas Day

How about giving a nerdy Doctor Who fan the ultimate gift this year -- hacked access to a BBC server. That was the deal apparently on offer on some "underground" internet sites on Christmas Day, after a hacker allegedly gained access to a BBC server and tried to sell on his access method. Read More >>

The Origin of the Candy Cane

First, let's start by dispelling a somewhat popular myth that more or less goes like this: Read More >>

Family Opens Beats Headphones on Christmas Day, Finds Tuna Instead

It's Christmas Day. You've carefully wrapped the Beats headphones your daughter's been dreaming of, and she's just about to see that dream become a reality. You look on with glee as she tears the paper from her brand new set of cans only to find that these cans were not the cans she was looking for. These cans, it seems, were filled with tuna. Read More >>

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Hail The Machines: An Electronic Tribute To Carol Of The Bells

GSA graduate James Houston headed up the incredible effort, taking advantage of the speech synthesis function of these classic machines, while Robert Florence & Philip Larkin had some fun with the lyrics (below). Time to grab a glass of wine, press play, and sing along (because who really knows the words to the original, anyway?): Read More >>

13 Teens Bitching About Teens Bitching About Christmas Gadgets

Christmas time has come and gone, and it brought its fair share of iPhones and Xboxes and PS4s and MacBooks and gadgets galore. Of course, also some spoiled teens who weren't too happy about the (awesome) stuff they got: Read More >>

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These Slo-Mo Ornament Explosions Are Like Christmas Fireworks

The 5th of November is great, but every holiday is improved by explosions. Every. Holiday. And slow motion? Even better. So here, for your post-Yuletide pleasure, are some Christmas baubles blowing up in festive slow-mo. Read More >>

Watch This Mistletoe Drone Launch Surprise Kiss Attacks

Nothing says Christmas cheer like an unmanned aerial vehicle! In San Francisco's Union Square, a drone decked out in tinsel and armed with mistletoe did some low-flying rounds over the heads of jolly folks, who were positively delighted at the excuse to engage in a little festive PDA. Ho! Ho! Ho! Read More >>

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The World's Largest (and Probably Only) Tripod Christmas Tree

The easiest way to set a world record is to think of something so grandiose and obscure that no one could have ever possibly thought of attempting it before. For the folks over at Custom SLR, that involved building the world's largest Christmas tree made entirely of tripods—plus the requisite festive décor. Read More >>

What's the Best Christmas Movie?

Below, you'll find an argument that the best Christmas movie is Terry Gilliam's Brazil, a film about a bureaucrat trying to survive a dystopian wonderland. Brazil is many things, most of them complimentary. But it is not the best Christmas movie. Not even close. Read More >>

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7 of the World's Most Awesome Alternative Christmas Trees

Nothing will ever be able to replace the simple beauty of a real, live Christmas tree, and don't even get us started on the smell. But no matter how much we may cherish this piney holiday tradition, the reality remains: They're bulky, messy, and a pain in the arse to toss out once they're dead. But fake Christmas trees are tacky, right? That's where you're wrong—welcome to the wide and exciting world of Christmas trees alternatives, where the best are anything but. Read More >>

Show Us Your Crazy Christmas Decorations

Every year, my parents' street goes all-out for Christmas. We're talking, trees wrapped in lights from trunk to top, teams of reindeer on display, and even a house with giant, moving jack-in-the-box effigies of every family member moving in sync with carols. Have you seen similar stuff? We want to see it.
Christmas decorations are one of the best parts of the festive season. Everything, I mean everything, flies, whether it's classic white lights, or an over-the-top camp cramming of plastic Santas on every inch of your lawn. In fact, the latter describes one of my favourite displays I've ever seen (picture above). Ahh, Santas everywhere. Anyway, when it comes to decking the halls, nothing is off-limits. So we want to see what you see in the form of the lights and decorations you've been peeping this Christmas. Read More >>

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A Guy Recreated Home Alone Starring Himself as Every Single Character

Well, Merry Christmas. Some beautiful weirdo named Paul Little recreated Home Alone for his Christmas card starring none other than himself. As everyone. Now that is a Christmas card anyone would feel lucky to receive. Read More >>

Belief in Elves Causing Road Upgrade Delays in Iceland

If you think your local council has some daft reasons for not sorting out the potholes on your street, try getting some tarmacing done in Iceland -- a highway project there has been scrapped for fear of disturbing the habitats of elves. Read More >>

Science Proves That Rudolph's Nose Really Does Glow

It might not be bright red, but Rudolph's nose really does glow. These thermal images of reindeer acquired by scientists show that Santa's flying friends have incredibly warm noses. Read More >>


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