This Google App Lets You Control Your Computer From Your Phone

Remote desktops are nothing new, but Google has now released a slick app that makes the process a pleasure rather than wildly frustrating. The new software will let you control your Mac or PC from any Android device. Read More >>

Microsoft Online is Headed for the Chrome Web Store

Microsoft's Office Online—the free, web-based version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote—is headed for the Chrome Web Store as a series of apps. Read More >>

Chrome Bug Can Turn Whole Pages Into Record Buttons for Eavesdroppers

We've seen eavesdropping issues in Chrome before, like one exploit that lets sites ask for permission to the microphone, and then keeps listening long, long after. But now a new one discovered by Guy Aharonovsky goes a step further: it triggers listening with no permission, even if your microphone is completely disabled. Read More >>

See Your Entire Browser History in a (Somewhat Terrifying) Favicon Grid

This is what a life online looks like. If you're interested in seeing your very own browser history all piled up, head right on over to Iconic History; a plug-in that turns your page clicks—all of them—into an unfiltered grid of favicons. Read More >>

Chromebooks Come in Faux-Leather Now

You know how the Galaxy Note 3 has faux-leather backing? And also a few of Samsung's PRO tablets? It doesn't end there. The Chromebook 2 is your first (imitation) leather Chromebook. That doesn't make it a premium product, no. But it's kind of a nice touch! Read More >>

Google Voice Search Now Features in Chrome Browser

Hands-free Google voice search is now available in Chrome. It will be rolling out to US users in the next few days with other regions being included soon. Read More >>

Google I/O is Officially Scheduled for June 25-26th.

Get ready for input and then also some output; Google I/O is officially scheduled for June 25-26th. Read More >>

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Build With Chrome Lets You Create Lego Masterpieces in Your Browser

Forget about getting any work done today. A new Chrome feature has just been unveiled by Google, letting you create elaborate Lego structures right inside your browser. Read More >>

Google's Chrome Apps Coming to iOS and Android

The rumours are true: Google's bringing Chrome apps to iOS and Android. Well, it's providing the tools developers need in order to do so. The toolkit is only in a beta form at the moment, but it holds the promise turning Chrome apps into cross-platform suckers for your phone. If it turns out to be as easy at it sounds, Chrome apps just got a lot more interesting. [Chomium Blog] Read More >>

Google's Removing Chrome Extensions Because They're Serving Spam Ads

Google's removed two Chrome browser extensions over the weekend, because the software appears to serve spam ads—in turn violating the company's terms of service. Read More >>

Fix Every Gmail Annoyance with This Awesome Chrome Extension

Spend too much time rooting around in your Gmail inbox but then somehow manage to miss that one important email when it actually comes in? It's happened to all of us. But if you set up the awesome Chrome extension Checker Plus for Gmail it never has to happen again. Read More >>

Google Now Takes it's First Steps Onto the Desktop

Google Now is great, but it's only on your mobile devices. We've been waiting on a desktop version for what feels like forever. Now, finally, it's just starting to poke its head out in Chrome's beta builds. Read More >>

Hidden Music-Playing Tabs in Chrome Now a Thing of the Past

Chrome's newest release, out today, includes a handy audio icon to help you track down that noisy tab, along with icons for tabs that are using your webcam or connecting to Chromecast. And, of course, a host of stability and security changes. [Chrome Releases via TheNextWeb] Read More >>

'Go Away Cameron' Chrome Extension Brings Porn Back to the Internet

Our not-so-glorious leader David Cameron, as you know, has managed to get it into his head that porn is bad for us. Outrageous right? Luckily, the Etonite's crusade against our access to the wealth of NSFW material has hit an obstacle in the form of a Chrome extension. Read More >>

Report: Google is Planning Chrome App Support for Android and iOS

The Next Web is reporting that Google is working on plans to offer up Chrome apps, usually found on the desktop, to the mobile ecosystems of iOS and Android. Read More >>

Google's Tour of Middle Earth: LOTR From a Great Eagle's Point of View

Middle Earth is an amazing fictional world, but if you want to really get to know it, you've got to read a lot of words. So if you're in the mood for a little Tolkien fantasy without hunkering down for a serious reading session, Google's brand new tour of Middle Earth is a beautiful (and effortless) way to get your fix. Read More >>


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