Chromebooks Come in Faux-Leather Now

You know how the Galaxy Note 3 has faux-leather backing? And also a few of Samsung's PRO tablets? It doesn't end there. The Chromebook 2 is your first (imitation) leather Chromebook. That doesn't make it a premium product, no. But it's kind of a nice touch! Read More >>

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5 Inexpensive Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Chromebook

Chromebooks may be budget-priced, but that doesn't mean you should have to endure cut-rate performance. Here are five simple ways to boost your Chromebook's capabilities without breaking the bank. Read More >>

The Biggest Chromebook Yet is Still Super Cheap

Toshiba is coming out with a Chromebook of its own. It's slightly larger than the Pixel, and £800 cheaper. Read More >>

6 Fixes to Make the Chromebook Pixel Worth Buying

I call them Chromebook Pixel apologists. They're coming out of the woodwork to defend Google's super-expensive but flawed £1049 laptop. You'll hear things like "It obviously isn't for everyone" or "You either get it or you don't." Count me as one of the people who doesn't get it. As I say in my Chromebook Pixel review, the quality, sharper-than-Retina display, booming speakers and superior touchpad and keyboard all make this a lust-worthy machine. But the Pixel's beauty isn't much more than skin-deep. If Google really wants to convert more shoppers to its flagship anti-MacBook, it's going to have to address the following issues head-on. And, yes, I'm sorry to say that some of my fixes will have to wait for Chromebook Pixel 2. Read More >>

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Google Chromebook Pixel: Awesome, Just Not £1,049 Worth of Awesome

Google set out to build "the best laptop possible." The result: the Chromebook Pixel. A sleek and powerful device designed specifically for life in the cloud. If the display doesn't make your jaw drop, the price tag will. Read More >>

Don't Worry, The Chromebook Pixel Isn't Just Stuck Running Chrome OS

The Chromebook Pixel has caught a lot of flak for being an expensive, powerful computer that arguably throws that power away on the stripped down and simple Chrome OS. Well, it doesn't have to be that way if you're game to tinker a little bit. Turns out throwing Linux on that sucker is already a breeze. Read More >>

This Awesome Konai Easter Egg Code Suddenly Makes the Chromebook Pixel Worth £1049

Say what you will about the Chromebook Pixel's viability, but practical or not, it's got a hidden pocket of awesome hidden somewhere deep in its brain. And you can unlock it with the Konami Code. Read More >>

Every Reason Not to Buy the Google Chromebook Pixel

Google just showed off a dumb new thing: an expensive laptop that pairs the gorgeous screen, capable components, and design of a MacBook Pro with the diluted, web-based Chrome OS. It makes no sense. Don't buy one. Read More >>

Chromebook Pixel Hands-On: A Lightning Fast Laptop for Your Online Life

Yes, the new Google Chromebook Pixel is relatively pricey—especially for something that's not a "real" computer—but it does what it was designed to do really, really well. Read More >>

Chromebook Pixel: Google's Retina, Touchscreen, MacBook Pro Counterpunch

Until now, Chromebooks hadn't been much more than glorified netbooks; underpowered curios best suited for technological novices. The 13-inch, touchscreen, retina-displayed, full-powered Chromebook Pixel, though, appears to be anything but. And it should be enough to make Apple at least a little nervous. At least until you get to the price. Read More >>

7 Worst Battery Life-Guzzling Gadgets

There is a disturbing trend in the gadget world, and it's that laptop, tablet and phone makers aren't taking battery life seriously enough. Yes, having touch on a Windows 8 notebook is great, but not if the computer lasts an hour and a half less than one without that capability. And what good is a smartphone with an HD display and superfast processor if you have to plug it in around lunchtime? Read More >>

HP's First Chromebook: Big Screen, Little Else

HP has announced its first Chromebook, and it's notable for the fact that its screen is much larger than models from the likes of Samsung, Acer, and Lenovo. Sadly, there's not an awful lot else to set it apart. Read More >>

Google Planning Own-Brand Chromebook to Fight Chrome OS Apathy?

Google is looking to copy its popular Nexus hardware line and use a similar system to bring a bit of spice to the rather sad world of the Chromebook, with the search giant said to be planning the launch of a Google-branded Chrome OS notebook. Read More >>

Google Has a New £229 Chromebook, Which Is Completely Great

Google's having a rough day, but here's some good news: It has a new Chromebook, and this time it's £229. That's pretty amazing news. Read More >>

Google Chrome OS Meta-Review: Faster and Better, But Still Falls Short

The first reviews of Google's latest version of Chrome OS are out. Several publications took the cloud-based OS for a test drive on the new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and Series 3 Chromebox. The consensus so far? Chrome OS Verion 19 is fast and takes some important strides towards delivering a fully-functional, browser-based OS. But still, even with the performance enhancements and £379 hardware, it's not quite ready for primetime.   TechRadar Read More >>


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