Google Is Forking WebKit to Create a New Rendering Engine For Chrome and Opera

Google announced last night that it's going to stop using WebKit — the rendering engine currently used by the likes of Safari and Chrome to display web pages — in favour of its own solution, which will be called Blink. Read More >>

Google Now Is Now Coming to Desktop Chrome

Google Now is probably the best thing about Android -- an automatic and genuinely-useful digital assistant that spits out location and time-based information at a glance -- but now it's coming to your desktop via Chrome. After rumours and hints, Google Now's just popped up in the Chromium backend. It doesn't work for now, but it will, very soon, hopefully. Read More >>

Google Chucks Out More Cheques to Chrome Bug Hunters

Google has now decided to ramp up the bounty for bug hunters snooping around for flaws in Chrome, saying that the increase in cash rewards has been prompted by a decline in vulnerabilities submitted by outsiders. Read More >>

You Can Now Grab Chromium For Your Raspberry Pi For Even Faster Browsing

Your sweet-tasting Raspberry Pi just got a big speed boost courtesy of the new Raspbian build, now you can soup up your browsing even further with a brand new Pi-compatible Chromium install. Read More >>


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