These Grand Cathedrals Now House Regular Books, Not Bibles

Churches tend to ebb and flow with generations: chapels close after neighbourhoods are redeveloped, cathedrals are abandoned after religious upheaval. In more than a few cases, they've been turned into bookstores and libraries. Read More >>

Here's How Sagrada Familia Will Look When It's Finally Done In 2026

When Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí was tragically killed by a train in 1926, he was in the middle of building of his masterpiece—the Barcelona basilica, Sagrada Familia. Eighty-six years later, the church still isn't complete. But according to Jordi Faulí, the current architect on the magnificent life-sized sand castle, it'll be done by 2026. This is what it's going to look like. Read More >>

Why Is This 112-Year-Old Church Floating in the Air?

Art installation? Trick photography? Nope, just a little restoration project going on at Utah's Provo Temple, which was badly damaged in a fire in 2010. Thankfully, the Church of the Latter Day Saints is salvaging the 112-year-old building with a little architectural levitation.
Engineers gutted the ruined interior, and lifted the structure onto scaffolding about 40 feet in the air in order to save the facade and add a two-story basement below. The old church didn't have to be moved at all. It appears to be floating, but there's no religious trickery going on—just a pretty amazing feat of engineering. [ThisIsColossal] Read More >>

Historical Cathedral Renovation Takes Choose Your Own Adventure Route

New Zealand's ChristChurch Cathedral was seriously damaged in a 2011 earthquake. The historic place of worship is going to be remade soon, but how? The city's Anglican diocese, the property trustees, and the cathedral project group have come up with three different options the remodel, and anyone can vote. Read More >>

New Archbishop of Canterbury Ordained by Dave on Twitter

The modernisation of the Church of England continues, with the new Archbishop of Canterbury being announced via the very modern medium of Twitter. By David Cameron on his little iPad app, no less. Read More >>

An 18th Century Spanish Church Gets a Thoroughly Modern Makeover

The crumbling centuries-old Sant Francesc Church and Convent, built in the first part of the Eighteenth Century in the Catalan town of Santpedor, was saved from near demolition, instead receiving a super modern makeover by Catalan architect David Closes. [Inhabitat] Read More >>


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