Cigarette-Smoking Bird Starts London House Fire

A mysterious house fire was eventually pinned on a bird by investigators, who decided that the only possible explanation for a roof fire was a bird carrying a partially lit cigarette home for a few relaxing puffs in its nest. The fire brigade believes the bird fell asleep and the cigarette set its sofa and nest alight, taking out the roof of several flats in the process. [LFB via BBC] Read More >>

Even Old Thirdhand Cigarette Smoke Residue May be Dangerous to Kids

Researchers torturing poor little lab mice have found that their health is compromised by simply being near the residue left behind by smokers, with lingering after-smells said to affect the health of mice. So smoking in cars with your kids is probably going to be going to be even worse. Especially if you're a mouse and your children are mice. Read More >>

EU Bans Menthol Cigarettes, But Leaves the Door Open for an E-Cig Future

The EU has voted through new laws on smoking, which will see the menthol variety banned from sale. There's good news for fans of e-cigarettes, though, as they've escaped with little more than a tightening on advertising guidelines. Read More >>

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Smoko E-Cigarettes Video Review: Absinthe, Roast Chicken, and Chocolate Cigs, Anyone?

Any time I find myself having a down day at work (unruly commenters; numerous spreadsheets...), I'm just going to remind myself that I've got the kind of job where I can occasionally do something like test absinthe-flavoured e-cigs by knocking back a swig of absinthe at 3pm on a sunny weekday outside our local boozer. All in the name of REVIEWS! Read More >>

Electronic Fags Breaking TV Smoking Ad Ban This Weekend

This weekend you will see something on TV that's been missing for long time -- a man enjoying a good long smoke. Only it's an e-cigarette nowadays. An iFag. Read More >>

The Best E-Cigarette

If you're looking to give up smoking, and the usual nicotine replacement therapies just aren't cutting it, electric cigarettes could be the answer you're looking for. E-cigarettes generate a nicotine-enriched vapour that isn't covered by the smoking act, which is why they've been spotted more and more frequently in the wild -- in bars, bookshops, cafes and even causing a stir on a Megabus. Read More >>

These Are the Cigarette Packages of the Future

It's official: after rejecting the tobacco companies' appeal, the High Court of Australia has declared the country's new obligatory cigarette packaging law constitutional. Look at them above—starting on December 1, the packages' iconic brand design will be fully replaced by the horrors of smoking. Read More >>

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Thailand's Anti-Smoking PSA Will Chill Your Blood

I wouldn't call myself a smoker -- I only have the occasional puff when I'm out boozing -- but watching Thailand's anti-smoking PSA will definitely make me think twice about my next one. This ad is bound to be talked about for weeks to come, so watch it before everyone else, over the jump... [HyperVocal via Gawker] Read More >>

Who Steals a Cigarette the Size of a Telephone Pole?

Missing: 10-foot long, 150-pound wooden cigarette. Last Seen: the front yard of American and Silver Spring, Maryland resident Jeannie Roule. If you have any information: contact local authorities right away. Read More >>

Why Airplanes Still Have Ashtrays in the Bathrooms

You can't smoke on airplanes. For many reasons—both social and safety-related—that's a great idea, even if it does make some people a little cranky over long flights. So why the hell do they install ashtrays in the toilets? Read More >>

A Cheap Electronic Cigarette Bundle Is Your "Because I Just Can't Give Up" Deal of the Day

Today, we’re not just going to save you some money, we could also help to save your life. Yes, that IS our serious face that’s staring at you from out of your computer screen. Read More >>

Healthy Dessert Cigarettes Sound More Addictive Than Normal Cigarettes

Smoke cigarettes? Bad! Eat desserts? Bad! Smoke desserts? Uh, good...? That's what Vaportrim, a dessert e-cigarette, promises. Yes, I just said dessert cigarette. Vaportrim is an inhaler that's supposed to taste just like desserts but without the fatty calories and guilt. A dessert you smoke that fulfills your sweets craving? Sign me up. Read More >>

Australia Bans Cigarette Pack Logos, Makes Them Green and Covered in Disease Photos

Australia isn't messing about in the war on smokers. It's passed legislation to remove all logos from cigarette packets sold in the country and will force makers to show photographs of diseases caused by smoking on the boxes. Read More >>

Deep Inside Prison's Dark and Tangled Economy

A movie-goer's concept of prison economy is likely that it's a cigarette-fueled barter system. That may be part of it, but it only scratches the surface. The truth is a violent world of sex, drugs and... postage stamps? Read More >>

What Drinking, Smoking and Eating Too Much Will Do to Your Face (It Ain't Pretty)

I'm young and dumb and partake in all kinds of illicit activities. It's part of growing up, right? But after seeing these pictures of what happens to a normal person if they kept living an unhealthy lifestyle? I'm now scared for my future. Read More >>

The WISPR Vaporiser Looks Like a Retro Transistor Radio

There's an endless list of reasons why you should probably just quit smoking. But quitting isn't easy, so the WISPR promises to deliver everything you love about cigarettes, with a bit less of the stuff that could be killing you. Read More >>


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