Sony's DualShock 4 Sensor Light Bar Can't be Turned Off

The little backside sensor on the PS4's new controller that hooks it into Sony's PlayStation Eye camera can't be turned off. So that's one more slightly annoying light source you'll have to worry about reflecting on the screen or bury under a cushion when firing up a film. Read More >>

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How Aspect Ratios Have Changed Over Time Because of Movies

If you haven't learned anything interesting today, watch this fascinating history lesson on how the aspect ratios we know (16:9, 4:3) became the standard of what we see. For any film geek or ratio nerd, it's a lovely trip back into time where things can become standard by just doing it for a long time. Read More >>

Sony and Disney Trial Home Streaming While Movies Are in the Cinema

In the ongoing battle against piracy, Disney and Sony have made a bold step: they're both testing an on-demand service (in, um, South Korea) which allows people to rent movies and stream them in their own homes while they're still playing in the cinema. Read More >>

These Award-Winning Vines Are Everything a Six Second Film Should Be

Vines aren't exactly the newest from of high art. But while poorly edited Vines of your friends' cats doing nothing are probably what you see most often, there are some pretty good ones, with a bit more meat to 'em. These Tribeca Vine Competition winners are a pretty good sample. They're so good you might even go "huh!" Read More >>

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The Top 40 Vines from the Tribeca Film Festival Will Convince You That Vines are Actually Great

Barely even four months old, Twitter's Vine video service has already delighted the film world to the point that the Tribeca Film Festival is giving ephemeral attention spans their very own Vine competition. And the people were ready. After sorting through over 400 Vines or approximately 40 minutes' worth (for those of you keeping score at home), the judges came out with 40 of the very best abridged tales they could find in four categories: Auteur, Animage, Genre, and Series (with each submission being a Vine trilogy). Read More >>

Anatomy of a Movie Trailer

If you've ever wondered how film makers chop up and reassemble a two hour film into a two minute trailer, you need wonder no longer. The New York Times has visualised the contents of five recent film trailers, so you can see how they're put together. Read More >>

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Creating the Amazing Futuristic Cityscapes in Looper

Looper was great — and in this video Atomic Fiction, the special effects studio behind the movie, shows off how it created the stunning cityscapes that feature in the film. Trust us, you'll be amazed at what's real and what was computer generated, the two fit together so well. [Vimeo via Verge] Read More >>

The Colour of Movies, Visualised

These images are called spotmaps: each coloured square represents the average colour from one second of a movie, and that process is repeated the whole way through the film. Can you guess which movies are shown above? Read More >>

Piracy Boosts Box Office Takings Through Word-of-Mouth Positivity

A bizarre link between piracy and cinema-going has been uncovered, only it's not what you'd expect. The closure of piracy portal Megaupload coincided with a slight fall in cinema attendance, as the critical word-of-mouth internet recommendation engine faltered. Read More >>

Movie Sound Effects, Before Soundtracks Existed

In the days before movies had soundtracks, it's easy to assume that going to the cinema was a silent experiences. Not so. In fact, movie theatres were packed with innovations to create dramatic soundscapes and keep viewers engaged. Read More >>

Dominican Republic Cinema-Goers are First to Get Soundtrack-Shaking Chairs

One lucky theatre in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was the world's first cinema to have Tremor FX seats installed -- the derriere-shaking chairs that give moviegoers "a more immersive theatre experience." Read More >>

The New Star Trek Is Beaming In Some Serious Atmos(phere)

Good news trekkers, trekkies, audiophiles and ciniphiles -- the next installment of J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot sounds AWESOME. Paramount Pictures announced today that Star Trek will add to the (short) roster of films which are optimised for the new Dolby Atmos system such as Brave and The Hobbit. Read More >>

Watch an Iconic British Movie Every Day In November For Less Than the Price of a Pork Pie

Every day in November, Film4 is offering you a chance to watch or re-watch a British classic movie such as Slumdog Millionaire, Dead Man's Shoes, This Is England and The Last King of Scotland for just 30p per film. That's just £9 if you watch the entire month's offerings -- although you can't really -- it started yesterday. [Film4] Read More >>

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This New Trailer For A Good Day To Die Hard is a Symphony of Bullets and Explosions

Who would have thought that Bruce Willis would be still kicking ass on the big screen over 20 years since the first Die Hard appeared on cinema screens? Not me, that's for sure, but I'm glad he's still at it, as this trailer looks like a helluva lot of mindless-popcorn-fodder fun. Yippie Ki-Yay Mother Russia, anyone? Read More >>

Bond #23 Has Finally Touched Down, So What Did You Think of Skyfall? (Warning: Spoilers)

A new James Bond film is always a fantastic spectacle, especially after months of teasers, trailers and speculation (and a nifty little game!) -- I know I can't wait to check out Skyfall. And I know many of you are also looking forward to it, or have even checked it out already as of last Friday! Reviews have been fairly positive, but who cares what the critics think -- we care what you, our dear readers, think of the film, so put on your best Mark Kermode glasses, and share below. (Warning: May contain spoilers.) Read More >>

Fancy a Blockbuster? These Are the Films to Watch Until Next Summer

We've already had some cracking releases this year already haven't we? From a group of assembled Avengers, to planetary exploration with the spaceship Prometheus, we've been (relatively) amazed by a spiderman, seen the rise of a Dark Knight, oh and there have been a few more expendables too. But what's next? Read More >>


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