Korean Cinema Chain Now Showing Extra-Wide 270-Degree Films

A South Korean cinema chain is about to start screening films on three walls, thanks to a 270-degree display technology known as Screen X. Film makers have to support it, though, by recording their movies with three cameras, and only one film, a 30-minute thriller known as The X, uses the format right now. So LG and Samsung won't be battling to bring it to the home for a while. [The Verge] Read More >>

Odeon Cinema Chain Wants Multiplayer-Friendly Game Ideas for the Big Screen

Odeon's thinking very hard about ways it can keep customer numbers up now the latest attempt at reviving 3D has fizzled out, and is suggesting that some sort of mass, multiplayer mobile app or game that can be played on cinema screens might be the way forward. Read More >>

Glasgow Gets Dolby Atmos-Enabled

Good news today for our Scottish friends. The future of cinema sound has finally made its way up to you, as the new Vue Glasgow Fort has had Dolby Atmos installed, joining London's Empire Leicester Square as the first Atmos screens in the country. Trust us, it's worth getting ears on if you can. Read More >>

If You Want to See Iron Man 3 in 4D, Hop On a Plane to Japan Now

Iron Man 3 premieres in the UK today -- a day late thanks to the Iron Lady -- and while we're all champing at the bit to see what kind of pain Stark's going to bring unto the Mandarin, the lucky, lucky Japanese will be able to witness the epic badassery in practically-living 4DX. Read More >>

google glass
It's Probably Safe to Say That No Strip Club, Casino, or Cinema Will Let You In With Google Glass Strapped to Your Face

Yeah, some bars might be grabbing free publicity from pre-emptively banning Google Glass, but that's just silly. Mind you, wherever you're not allowed to take photos, don't bet on being let in with the camera-equipped Google Glass adorning your pretty face. Read More >>

These Incredible Luxury Cinemas Are the Ultimate Way to Watch Films

Recently, I've been conducting a bit of an experiment: rather than going to see lots of films in grimy mulitplexes, I've been shunning the mainstream and going to fewer blockbuster releases, but all of them in awesome, luxury cinemas. "Oh, you dirty hipster" I hear you cry -- but while I might be perilously close to skinny-jeans-and-gratuitous-glasses territory, I can promise you that ditching the mulitplex is totally worth it. Here's why. Read More >>

Nottingham Children Left "Screaming" After Cinema Horror Film Mix-Up

Some poor children who were expecting to see some brightly coloured animals hitting their heads on things in Madagascar 3 were left traumatised and in tears after the cinema accidentally played them horror sequel Paranormal Activity 4 instead. Read More >>

Replacing the World's Biggest IMAX Screen Is as Difficult as It Sounds

At almost 30m tall and 36m wide, the screen at the Darling Harbour IMAX Theater in Sydney is the largest in the world. And after 16 years of service, it needed to be replaced. Read More >>


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