Google, Intel, LG and Samsung Considering Rival BlackBerry Bids

BlackBerry has already agreed to being bought and turned into a private company by a private equity firm, but is said to be talking to several other tech giants about selling all or part of the once great phone maker for a better price. Read More >>

BlackBerry Is On the Hunt For a Buyer

According to Reuters, BlackBerry is asking Google, Samsung, LG, Cisco, and basically anybody with money, to buy BlackBerry entirely or at the very least, certain parts of the company. This is seen as an alternative in case the finances don't work out in going private. Read More >>

iRobot Makes It Easier To Show Up To Work While At Home In Your PJs

Email, the internet, and a host of other advancements in office technology have finally made the dream of working from home a reality. But sometimes you just need to be in the office, and thanks to a collaboration between iRobot and Cisco, you still don't need to change out of your pyjamas to get chewed out by your boss. Read More >>

Manchester City Packs Stadium With Wi-Fi For Instant Replays

Manchester City might not have won the league, but at least it'll have a whole stadium filled with Cisco's "intelligent high-density Wi-Fi" for fans to stream things like instant replays or tweet their frustration with some overpaid diving twerp. Could be awesome for action replays -- the best of TV brought directly into the stadium on your phone? [TNW] Read More >>

Hack Turns Cisco's Desk Phone Into a Spying Device

Cisco's internet phones — which sit on thousands of desks around the world — have been shown to be easily hacked and turned into remote spying devices. The official announcement comes two whole weeks after Cisco first found out about the problem. Read More >>

Scary Cisco Executive Vows to Make Finding a Whistleblower His Personal "Hobby"

Last week, an internal memo from Cisco was leaked to the press. It was in response to reports that Cisco had overcharged California State University $100 million to use its network. Well, the leak made people at Cisco angry, and that anger has materialised into a bizarre manhunt, executed by one vice president, in his leisure time. Read More >>

This Is How Big the Internet Is

The internet is a big and amorphous thing to talk about. What's it made of? Web pages? Articles? Facebook? Stuff you can blow up? How about just how much people actually use it. According to Cisco, we chewed through 30.7 exabytes per month last year. That's the equivalent of about 16 billion 5GB HD movies. Read More >>


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