London's People-Stalking Bins Told to Cease and Desist

After hitting the headlines last week, it seems London's new people-tracking bins aren't going to be tracking anyone for a while. The City of London has told Renew, which operates the recycling bins that track people via their phones as they walk by, to stop spying on people. Read More >>

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How to Become the Lord Mayor of the (Secret) City of London

The City of London certainly is a very strange place. I'm not talking about London the city, but that one-mile patch in the centre of the London we know and love. But did you know that companies can actually vote in the City, and that its government is so freaking old, no one knows quite how old it actually is? Oh, and just don't ask about how you become the Lord Mayor of London; blimey, what a mission. [CGP Grey] Read More >>

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The Secret City of London Is a Really Strange Place

Did you know that the City of London and London are two different places? Sure, one actually lives within the other, but they have separate mayors, plus the Queen actually has to ask to enter the City of London. But how did this strange arrangement arise? Read More >>


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