How the Clamshell Laptop Changed Computer Design Forever

You know Grid Systems' Grid Compass 1101 laptop, right? You should. The laptop you're using, the laptop you own, and the laptop you want all imitate its design. Why? The Grid Compass, from April, 1982, was the first clamshell laptop ever created. Read More >>

Samsung Patents a Nintendo DS-Like Android Tablet

That thing up there is a concept sketch uncovered inside a Samsung patent application, which hints at a very odd, clamshell future for the company's Android hardware plans. Read More >>

Samsung W999 Dual-Screen, Dual-Core Android Phone Proves Clamshells Aren't Dead

You might be forgiven for thinking that the coolest form factor of them all, the clamshell, died with the original RAZR series. Currently you seem to be only able to get clamshells as crappy super-dumbphones, at least in the UK, but Samsung's W999 certainly turns the tables on that. Read More >>


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