Crazy Guy Remasters 320x240 Doom Screenshot Into a 9,600x7,211-Pixel Photoshop Image

This. Is. MADNESS. Watch Deviant Art user Elemental79 converting a 320 x 240 pixel screenshot from Doom — the legendary 1993 game that made first person shooters popular — into a stunning 9,600 x 7,211 image complete with textures, lighting and 3D effects using Photoshop. It's absolutely nuts. Read More >>

What Is the Universe In One Minute

What is the Universe? Is the Universe everything there was, is and will be? Is the Universe everything we can observe and things we know exist but haven't been observed yet? Is mathematics part of the Universe or do they exist outside of the Universe? This one-minute-long video shows exactly what the Universe is—but proceed with caution, as it may give you a bit of a headache. Read More >>

Beware the Wolf in Drone's Clothing

There isn't a huntsman's axe on the planet sturdy enough to save you from these gnashing jaws, no locale remote enough to shield you from its prying eyes. Written, produced, and directed by Mato Atom, Seagulls reimagines the classic Little Red Riding Hood fable in the modern era where Predators roam the skies like a pack of big bad wolves. Read More >>

Meteorite Explodes Over Russia, Panic Spreads

A meteorite has just exploded over Russia. This doesn't feel good when you know that a 150-foot asteroid is about to fly by Earth — and you read about the actual effects of an impact if astronomers' calculations are wrong. 250 people have been injured, according to the BBC. The videos we are collecting are incredible. Read More >>

F-35's Pilots Get Iron Man Targeting Upgrade

You've probably heard about the magical visualisation system in the F-35, the fabled Electro Optical Distributed Aperture System (or DAS) that feeds all kinds of data to pilots using demon helmets. Now it just got a new feature that makes it indistinguishable from a video game: hostile ground fire detection. Check out this cool video. Read More >>

These Lego Clips Are the First Vine Videos That Are Not Only Watchable But Enjoyable

I don't care about Vine. Everything I've seen so far is soporific or sophomoric, boring beyond redemption or a big steamy pile of jerky blurriness. And then—then this happened: these LEGO VINES by Mark Weaver. They are simple, well thought out and visually enjoyable. Read More >>

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The First Song Composed and Recorded In Space Actually Rocks

This is the first song composed and recorded in space, the result of the collaboration of ISS Commander Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson, the singer of the Barenaked Ladies. Together with the band and the Wexford Gleeks choir, they recorded I.S.S (Is Somebody Singing) using a live connection between the International Space Station and CBC Music's studio in Toronto, Canada. Read More >>

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How NASA Wants Us to Explore the Universe With Robotic Avatars and Holodecks

Take three minutes of your life to listen to Dr. Jeff Norris, one of the science rock stars at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. He talks about how NASA is working to democratise space exploration by using robots, holodecks and 3D technologies so we can all see space with our own eyes using space probes that will travel to other planets and stars. Read More >>

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This Perpetual Motion Machine May Not Be Perpetual, But It's Awesome Anyway

This guy claims that this invention is a perpetual motion machine, the Philosopher's Stone of physics, the Holy Grail of power. Play the video and check it out for yourself. Read More >>

A Woman Dancing In a Bikini and Four Other Stupid Things People Did to Get a Free BlackBerry 10

Look people, I know the BlackBerry Z10 looks great, but I just can't believe that some of you are doing these stupid things to get one for free. Ok, five of you. Read More >>

The Next Kinect Will Turn Everyone Into a Jedi—Everywhere!

This video wants to make me rip my eyes out using the edge of my Xbox gamepad, but it heralds an immediate future that fires a clusterstorm of nerdgasms inside my sci-fi-damaged brain. It shows what Capri, the next 3D sensor by the makers of Microsoft Kinect, is bringing to us: extreme precision, fast motion tracking that gadget makers would be able to embed everywhere, from your tablet, laptop and TV to elevators, robots and appliances. Read More >>

Please Lego, You Must Make This A-Team Van

The Lego Back to the Future set went official last year. Now it's time for another classic from the 80s: the A-Team van. Unlike the Back to the Future set, this one is a fully functional, remote controlled Technic model—which is even better. I love it when a set comes together. Please Vimal Patel, submit this to Cuusoo ASAP. [YouTube via Brothers Brick] Read More >>

“Friends” Throw Guy Overboard Right Next to a Great White Shark

This practical joke could have turned into tragedy: watch as some "friends" throw a guy out of a boat after seeing a great white shark in the distance. As they approach the shark, the animal turns around and goes straight to get him, just a fraction of a second before he gets back into the boat. Read More >>

Watch NASA's Moon Spacecrafts Final Videos Before Crashing

These are NASA's GRAIL twin spacecraft's final videos before crashing straight into the Moon. Ebb and Flow — as the spacecraft's were affectionately known at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory — turned on their video cameras for one last time three days before impact. The footage is truly beautiful. Read More >>

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Helicopter Crashes Right on the Beach

I don't know what's wrong with helicopters in Brazil, but they keep crashing in the most idiotic ways possible. Check out this one, which was going a little bit too close to the beach until it finally crashed into the waves. [Bing] Read More >>

This Is Still the Best Apple Christmas Ad

Remember when Apple used to be a little more fun and irreverent, a lot less stiff and politically correct, and not such dicks? Yeah, those were the good times. Life is definitely better when you are the underdog. Read More >>


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