A Time Cloak Made from Lasers Can Erase Data from History

Time cloaks are so much cooler than invisibility cloaks because they use freaking time to hide things, not silly dumb vision tricks. This new method of using a time cloak is the first that can cloak data at rapid rates. It might change security altogether. Read More >>

Scientists Completely "Cloak" Three-Dimensional Objects for the First Time

Hiding behind a life-sized negative of yourself won't actually turn you invisible. But researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have figured out how to use that same idea to make real-world objects vanish when shot with microwave energy. Read More >>

Squids and Octopi Change From Invisible to Camouflaged in a Snap

Squids and octopi are mesmerizing creatures when you can get a look at them. But that's not so easy thanks to their magical invisibility and camouflage powers. Read More >>


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