A Cloaking Device for Sound Will Make You Invisible to Sonar

A cloaking device that makes you appear completely invisible is still trapped in the realm of science fiction. But researchers at Duke University, North Carolina, have successfully created a cloaking device that works with sound, making an object completely invisible to SONAR and other acoustic imaging techniques. Read More >>

Almost There -- 10 Star Trek Technologies Within Our Grasp

Whether you love or hate Star Trek, you have to respect its vision. A future in which humanity has transcended money, wealth, and greed in favour of pure enlightenment and exploration. And space battles. Read More >>

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Mercedes Makes an Invisible Minivan: I Hope This Becomes an Official Option

Mercedes claims that its new fuel cell technology results in vehicles with no omissions, so it's as if they're invisible to the environment. And to drive this fact home, literally, they created a vehicle that was invisible to everything else. Read More >>

Scientists Completely "Cloak" Three-Dimensional Objects for the First Time

Hiding behind a life-sized negative of yourself won't actually turn you invisible. But researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have figured out how to use that same idea to make real-world objects vanish when shot with microwave energy. Read More >>

Scientists Use 'Time Hole' to Make Events Disappear

Soldiers could one day conduct covert operations in complete secrecy, now that Pentagon-backed physicists have figured out how to mask entire events by distorting light. Read More >>


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