Just Flick This Clock's Simple Face Switch to Activate its Alarm

Dieter Rams left a lasting legacy at Braun that still influences the products the company creates today. Just take a look at this simple analogue alarm clock, that's found a clever way to compete with all the other monstrous smartphone docks vying for space on your bedside table. Read More >>

This Righteous Vectorscope Clock Brings Analogue Back to the Future

Back in the day, vectorscopes used to measure the quality of analog video signals. Needless to say, that's not exactly something we need done very often today. But some lucky old vectorscopes get cool second lives, in the form of an awesome retro clock. Read More >>

A Giant e-Ink Digital Clock Powered By a Tiny Watch Battery

The biggest advantage to e-ink display technology is its incredible battery life. It means your Kindle can flip through book after book before needing a charge, and it allows this gorgeous digital wall clock to run for months on just a single cell-sized watch battery. Read More >>

Get Back Into The Habit Of Winding Your Clocks

Okay so most of us have probably never had a clock we had to wind, but it seems like an appealing ritual. Calm and quiet. A connection to the passage of time. Or maybe it would be totally automatic like brushing your teeth. Well there's only one way to find out. Read More >>

Queen Requires Wind-Up Merchant to Look After Her Collection of Clocks

The effects of the recession clearly haven't yet impacted on the household of the nation's official grandmother, with Buckingham Palace looking for someone to work as the Royal Horological Conservator -- managing the royal estate's collection of clocks. Read More >>

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This Is the World's Most Accurate Clock

Need the time? How about to the closest hundred trillionth of a second? No problem! Because this, officially now the world's most accurate clock, can tell the time more accurately than any other device ever has. Read More >>

An Elaborate Mechanical Sundial That Doesn't Need a Drop of Sunlight

At first glance it looks like a giant, industrial, animated chandelier hanging over your head. But instead of just illuminating a room with its imposing glow, artist Conrad Shawcross' Timepiece doubles as a modern take on the sundial. Because unlike the ancient clocks that kept our ancestors on time, this one doesn't need the sun at all. Read More >>

A Beautiful Analogue Clock for Dummies Who Are Bad at Telling Time

I have a confession to make, and I'm sure I'm not alone: I'm really bad at reading analogue clocks. I learned how to when I was a kid, and I even wear an analogue watch today, but some 15 years of digital crutches in between has made reading old-school clocks kind of a drag. You too? Well here's a clock for the both of us. Read More >>

A Clock That Conceals The Time Until You Find Its Sweet Spot

Inspired by the seemingly random clouds of data points recorded when a performer's wearing a 3D motion capture suit, J.P.Meulendijks' Mocap clock requires just the perfect angle to interpret the time. Read More >>

Origami-Inspired Clocks So Attention-Grabbing, You'll Never Run Late

The clocks come in turquoise, yellow, and cream, and you can pick from gold, black, or silver hands. Each one is cast in resin, and the tickers are hand molded to give each clock face its own custom look. They go for £50 and ship in two to three weeks (because, you know how custom work goes). They're eye-catching, one-of-a-kind, and infinitely more interesting than clock of the run-of-the-mill cuckoo variety. [RawDezign via Fubiz] Read More >>

Why 3.5 Per Cent of Android Clocks Are an Hour Off

At OpenSignal, each datapoint we collect has two timestamps: the time the reading was taken and the time the reading was inserted into our server. Because we make extensive use of SQLite cacheing on devices, these times can be far apart -- sometimes up to the order of weeks. Read More >>

BBC Home Page Clock to be Pulled After ONE Complaint

Did you know there's a clock on the BBC's home page? Well there is. That's it there in a screenshot. The problem is, it uses your PC's system time to display the time, so if your PC's set wrong so is the BBC's clock. And for that petty reason alone, it's going to be removed. Read More >>

Arcade Alarm Clock: The Konami Code Won't Buy You More Shuteye

It might have given you invincibility or unlimited ammo on the countless games that acknowledged it, but sadly the Konami code won't buy you a single second of extra sleep on this custom Xronos alarm clock. But the large scoreboard-like LED display and use of authentic console buttons will have you wondering if you fell asleep at the arcade again. Read More >>

A Morse Code Clock Makes Everything Seem More Official

Honestly reviewing morse code is a little unnecessary. We're kind of done with that whole telegraph as the primary form of communication phase. On the other hand, it never hurts to know numbers in different systems. Roman numerals come in handy every now and then, right? Sometimes? Read More >>

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How the World's Biggest Clock Tried to Change the Centre of Time

For the multitudes of cultural differences that exist throughout human civilisation, we do share a single, universal goal: to build stuff bigger and better than the schmucks next door. Every single one of the seven wonders of the ancient world was created as a chest-thumping, neighbour-shaming testament to its builder's awesomeness. That proud tradition continues even today with Saudi Arabia's massive Mecca-clock, a timepiece so enormous it almost ended Greenwich Mean Time. Read More >>

You Can Thank Galileo For This Marvelous Modern Clock

Galileo was the first to think to use a pendulum as a time keeper in 1637. An actual clock using the precise weighted mechanism was patented in 1656 by Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens. Roughly 350 years later, Christian Kim has reinterpreted the classic ticker with the modern Pendulum clock for Zwilling. Read More >>


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