"HTC One Tablet" is Just a Cheap Chinese Knock-off

This thing here doing the rounds on the internet at the moment isn't an official HTC One tablet, sadly, but is actually a cheap Chinese Android clone bounced up to tablet proportions with a completely plagiarised design. Read More >>

"Adventurous" Woman Needed to Give Birth to Neanderthal Baby

Geneticist George Church believes he nearly has all the required things bubbling away in his lab to enable him to clone a Neanderthal, with the only missing link being a woman who's brave enough to want to carry our alien ancestor. Read More >>

RIM Getting in on the Siri Clone Scene With BB10 Voice Assistant

RIM is set to jump on the clumsy voice control/personal assistant bandwagon, with developers reporting that the latest BlackBerry 10 OS alpha code has been updated to feature a selection of voice-activated personal assistant features. Read More >>

Scientists Bored of Modern Lagers, Cloning 170-Year-Old Shipwreck's Beer Stash

Finnish researchers are living up to their hard-drinking national image by working out how to revive a 170-year-old type of beer not yet tasted by modern man. Read More >>

"Siri for Android" Released on the Android Market

This is not a real thing. Don't go crazy. The apparent version of Siri on the Android Market is, of course, no such thing, with the app simply re-branding existing Android voice functions and adding a Siri logo to Google phones. Read More >>

China Creates "Infinite Hero Bacon" by Cloning Invincible Earthquake Pig

Where does one secure the very best bacon? The supermarket? Shut up, rookie! You secure it from the heroic pig that survived for more than a month buried beneath the rubble of China's horrific Sichuan earthquake. Read More >>


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